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Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by Faithfully2002, May 24, 2004.

  1. Lets say that there was a drug sting in my area. And the dealers got arrested. What would happen to the users? Whats the worst that could happen to a user?
  2. it depends on how the dealers got caught... if the dealer sold the pot to you and then the cops busted in i guess you could get nailed with posession, but other than that i dont think anything can happen to you
  3. The users would have to think hard and find new sources to get them from. The worst thing that could happen to a user is probably OD or gets caught and arrested by the police.
  4. Pot isn't that big of a deal here if you don't have over 30 grams. If other drugs are involved you're screwed!
  5. I was talking about pot. I live in a pretty big city. And there have been a few stings lately. Maybe I am just paranoid.
  6. yeah, worst case is you get caught buying it and get charged with possession... and it is harder to find weed
  7. Opps my mistake :p
    Where are you from? I know the USA is harsher when it comes to getting caught with dope!
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    I think I know what you're talking about. You're worried that the dealer might narc you out. Am I right? Well he shouldn't. My friend/dealer got busted with $250 worth of weed in his pocket and he didn't narc anyone out. If there's more stings in your area lately, just be more careful :).
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    if the fucking wanks tell on you, and it going dry, thats it
  10. even if they narc on you, they cant do anything if you aren't high and dont have anything on you though
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    no one is going to narc on you for buying pot. cops arent after stoners. they wanna catch the big fish. if you ever are approached by a cop and he asks to search you just politely refuse and plead the fourth. he has no right to detain you either without probable cause. being stoned is not a crime.....yet. if he does insist that it is a crime to be under the influence of marijuana and detains you tell him you want to speak to your lawyer right away. you could always take the easy way out and just deny being stoned flat out. there are alot of people that have that drowsy look about them. just tell the officer that you have the flu. I have gotten out of many pickles by pleading the fourth and simply saying that I was sick. just be extra polite, say "sir" alot in your next encounter with a cop. remember cops are people too and people are gullible. -oh yeah if anyone ever tries to sell you pot and you think he's a cop ask him. if a cop sells you pot without telling you thats entrapment- a big no no for all cops.

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