what is the weirdest thing...

Discussion in 'The Whiners' started by Bloody_Kisses, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. Bloody_Kisses

    Bloody_Kisses Thizzler

    that you have worn in public? :H
  2. FemmeFatale

    FemmeFatale Member

  3. soulrebel51

    soulrebel51 i's a folkie.

    A wig, a mini-skirt, and a pink shirt that was super tight... I was Britney Spears :D
  4. meishka

    meishka Grease Munky

    pig tails because i'm a guy. got some weird looks today
  5. NaykidApe

    NaykidApe Bomb the Ban

    A white robe and a thorn of crowns.
  6. MoonjavaSeed

    MoonjavaSeed Yeah, Toast!

    i was wrapped up completely in a roll of bubble wrap and a headband with those funny little glowing flags that light up and high heels and i had a plastic t-rex taped to my shoulder with duct tape. it was a proud day in my life.
  7. puddin

    puddin Banned

    ^^^Please tell me you have a picture of the meg.
  8. Soulless||Chaos

    Soulless||Chaos SelfInducedExistence

    A kilt, or one time I wore a pair of pants that was ripped on the inside of each leg pretty much all the way up... :D They were so comfortable, ventilated and all.. :D
  9. Rafaela

    Rafaela Member

    blooody kisses is a fannnntastic girl and I growl in a sexy manner
  10. MoonjavaSeed

    MoonjavaSeed Yeah, Toast!

    sorry al. :H
  11. Soulless||Chaos

    Soulless||Chaos SelfInducedExistence

    How nice. :D
  12. tigerlily

    tigerlily proud mama

    well i wore a lot of weird things when i was younger... like in 6th grade one time i wore an odd teal green dress/shirt thing with purple capri tights and my hair half up and i don't remember what kind of shoes.. probably brown sandals since i wore those all the time... i thought i looked cute and "original" but i'm sure i just looked like a giant dork :) since growing up i don't really wear anything weird...
  13. kurdtkobain

    kurdtkobain Member

    a gigantic flannel shirt with a big sweater over it and black make-up...in fact im doing it again saturday with my sister, we like to go to the mall dressed like freaks so we see the reactions of people there.
  14. WaTeR_LiLY

    WaTeR_LiLY Member

    Were all pretty big on Toga's at the moment. We all look pretty sexy.

    I remember before a music festival i had a wreath of flowers i my hair and I went to Mcdonalds before hand and the ugly staff that worked stared and laughed at me. I looked hot though damn them :)

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