What is the class you hate the most?

Discussion in 'Higher Ed' started by MysteriousNight, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Mine is a toss up between Math for the Humanities and Foods and Nutrition.
  2. GreenPeace13

    GreenPeace13 Member

    3d design. i thought i would really enjoy that class, but i really dont. right now we are building an animal out of cardboard... not my thing. i enjoyed 2d much more, drawing and painting are things i truely enjoy
  3. polecat

    polecat Weerd

    Humanities and Globalization. If I hear another word about multiculturalism I'm putting a bullet through my head.
  4. Treath

    Treath Member

    Math and writing essays in English Composition class.
  5. Yoseff

    Yoseff Music Addict

    Chemistry. Any chemistry class... I just can't quite get my head around it ever.
  6. LucidOne

    LucidOne Member

    project managment fundamentals. what a boring class, and being forced to associate with people wasn't too much fun.
  7. MaryJBlaze

    MaryJBlaze eleven

    anything to do with chemistry or physics
  8. broony

    broony Banned

    1st grade through 2 years of college, math was always number one.

    the subject drove me crazy because so much of it i couldn't understand when i would ever use it.

    2nd was history. i tend to not care about my country's history because its boring as hell.
  9. Nova?!

    Nova?! The Walrus

    Math or science. but i totally love social and english. ^_^
  10. TributetoME

    TributetoME Member

    Economics. I'm sorry but it's boring as fuck. :(
  11. Bumble

    Bumble Senior Member

    I graduated, but I absolutely HATED economics.
  12. TributetoME

    TributetoME Member

    It's awful :(
  13. Padme

    Padme Member

    Math and English. I hated writing essays on novels because they would always give me a crappy mark because my ideas were not the "correct answer"
  14. KozmicBlue

    KozmicBlue Senior Member

    Economics, can't get my head around it. Courses that have the word gender in the title. :rolleyes: And courses on "anthropological theory", that's another uhh great one.
  15. noela

    noela Members

    math and french!!

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