What Is The Church Of The Good Earth?

Discussion in 'Church of the Good Earth' started by susie_tight, May 16, 2015.

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    Is it about a religion?
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    I am an affiliated member only by invitation of A Hip Forums member called Scorpio Kenny who is one of the founders of the Church Of The Good Earth thread.It celebrates and continues the legacy,as far as I know,of a group of original hippy communes and scenes in the Height Ashbury area of San Francisco during the late 60's and early 70's.I am no expert,but it was a well organized community with many incorporated activities and groups going on.A real network of houses.An original hippy scene.I'm sure if you backtrack through the thread and read it you will get snippets of what it was about.Maybe someone with more information can fill you in on a deeper level.It is also functions here as a general place for people of the hippie persuasion to chat.I hope that is of some help.
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  3. scratcho

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    Some of the ORIGINALS who not only were there----but made there --there.
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    We traveled on a beam of light that stretched across the galaxies. We were called to spread love, hope and joy. in a tie-dye fashion. All colors, all shapes and sizes in a brilliant array of vibrations, blended into a village we call good earth. Hippie is our religion.

    It's a lifestyle of an ancient origin. Back before there were the Pyramids that are wrapped around our planet. Before the land was split into continents. A time and place that is neither here nor there but is everywhere.

    We came to bring light into a dark and gloomy night. When the volcanoes clouded the blue sky with their rocks and gasses that they spewed. While the Earth was being formed, so were the Spirits that would subdue her.

    The Spirit we carried was Love. As the Red Rose represents love it is the Spirit that delivers it. It touches everyone, every living soul, at one time or the other.It is the strongest emotion we possess and can not be purchased, only given and taken freely as it was intended to be.

    You can not hold love ransom. You can not hide love or disguise it. It shines too brightly to dismiss it. It is and it must be allowed to be what it is.

    We had to grow into ourselves to be able to fulfill our destinies. There were many that denied us and tried to silence us. It was a hard battle to take on The Kingdom of Hell run by greedy men. We stood against the hardness of the fight. We gathered together as a shield of many, not the persecution of a few as we were beaten and murdered and called Dirty and the demons sought to destroy us.

    Our message is in our music and our music is in the songs we sing. We became a Brother/Sisterhood as we were drawn together by likemindedness, our destiny to fulfill for the souls of mankind as we stood in our bare feet with our colors flying like flags. We are ancient we will never die.

    We spread truth and light in our ways. We are in the physical and we are limited in our abilities and we are in human form. The magic that is our reality is in the manifestation of a society that is free from demonic influence.

    We battle the demons, we do it by Faith in our Creator. We hold the Light high so all can see and their path enlightened.

    In our human forms we are not perfect on the earth. We can't fit it all in. But the ones that 'know', know. Love is the answer.

    love,love,love, bright blessings
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  5. Church is very important change ya life around
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    Beautiful. SO beautiful. What i would do to go to one of the gatherings and meet all these beautiful people.
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  7. Scorpio Kenny

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    I starting the party up all over again.
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    I've been trying to "Find the Others" for quite a while. Looks like I may have found them. Is there ca connection the Pearl S. Buck's "The Good Earth" by the way?

    also, this:

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