What is sexier?

Discussion in 'Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, etc.' started by Moon_Beam, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. amp7325

    amp7325 Visitor

    Topless is best for me. I think the hottest pictures are of two topless guys making out.

    Hah, for some reason, it really bugs me when there's a picture of guys doing stuff comlpetely naked EXCEPT that they're wearing socks. I guess I just find it incredibly awkward.
  2. l-foote

    l-foote L not i.

    thats because it is terribly akward! completely naked doesn't include socks.
  3. BelgianPea

    BelgianPea Member

    i say leave some to the imagination. when some bits are covered you still get to be curious. you want to find out more then when it's jsut there ya know.

    but thats just my opinion :)
  4. BelgianPea

    BelgianPea Member

  5. Joey*

    Joey* Freaky Supportr Dude

    Well,Its a good ? thats for sure,.. Naked vrs. Not so naked,..Honestly I'd say I like them both just as much but for very different reasons. Nothing gets my heart racing like total nudity.It instantly gets my complete attention,and lust kicks in...But from a more practical perspective of romance full nudity does'nt do it for me,..Like I would'nt want to take anyone home from a porn movie lol,..I like to be able to picture thier nakedness in my own mind and wonder about them before I'd see them naked.It's nice to say "hey I wonder what that persons like",..With there clothes on I could do that.When they're totally naked like in porn I don't care what they're like at all, I mean who cares,right? That's is null and void lmao,at least it is for me.
    My thoughts....
  6. Kiwi_Toast

    Kiwi_Toast Member

    I'm bi, and I find anyone that has a good personality
    and their being atleast somewhat attractive..
    and in any form of clothes or no clothes attractive.
    I love when they are upfront too.
    (specially when cleavage is staring you in the face, its tempting...
    and I pretty much want them to jump me and grope me.
    I always get my way, too, lol).

    Anyway.. Doesn't really make a difference to me, tho'. :)

  7. Duck

    Duck quack. Lifetime Supporter

    all depends on the woman
  8. Peacey

    Peacey Member

    i love a classic beuty that leaves a little bit to the imagination
  9. ew socks? thats weird. who leaves socks on during sex?? awkard for sure...
  10. Pax

    Pax Member

    Um...clothed, but with stuff like a skirt that has a slit a couple of inches up the side or something like that...
  11. BelgianPea

    BelgianPea Member

    it happens when you're in a "hurry" and you want it then and there. ahhh lust.... preferably no socks but in the moment i am too busy with other things than looking at my or his toes. :)
  12. MatthewShane

    MatthewShane Banned

    I dont want to see it all..but if its a hot body..then yea..skin def gets most peoples mojo flowin.

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