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Discussion in 'LSD - Acid Trips' started by Jennifer19, May 12, 2004.

  1. Jennifer19

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    What is lsd? and where dose it come from? I was just sitting here think about lsd. kinda of weird. since I never done lsd in my life.
  2. TreePhiend

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    a chemical that makes you trip balls at very low doses. If you want info on ANY drug you can always go to www.erowid.org
  3. Ediction421

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    It's a psychadelic discovered by and first synthesized by Albert Hoffman, who worked for Sandoz Labortories(sp?) Some time after that Sandoz Labortories put the drug on the market to Doctors as the product name "Delysid" I think... But that was only for a short time, as far what I recall...
  4. Pressed_Rat

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    LSD is a powerful mind-altering drug synthesized from ergot, which is a fungus that grows on rye.
  5. LSD does not occur in nature. it was made my changing the molecular formula of a drug found in the ergot fungus, which grows on the cereal grains of rye plants and has had a history of mass intoxication in societies which depended on the harvest of rye grain.
    the drugs are ergotamine alkaloids, they are poisonous and can be fatal, but , on his 25th attempt working with these alkaloids, the chemist albert hoffman came upon a drug with completely novel effects and unbelievable potency. however he only discovered its effects some years after first synthesizing it and then only by accidental absorption through his skin while he was making LSD-25 on a hunch.
    thousands of doses can be made by competent chemists in short amounts of time. the doses are very small, fraction of a miligram. ive seen hits of lsd mostly on tiny squares of paper smaller than your fingernail or on a gel square the same sixe,or microdots which are like tiny pills, smaller than pot seeds, its also distributed in small vials of liquid in which doses are administered in drops.
    LSD has an extremely low level of physical toxicity. the dangers of LSD are psychological. read as much as you can on that if you are thinking of using LSD. by simply knowing things you can decrease the likeliness of having bad experiences with LSD
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    no you can't. but then, most of the very common (or famous/infamous/scientifically influential) drugs have SOME info there, if not very much. but def. not all drugs. its just a really good resource - not the best resource there is. terrific starting point, though...
  7. Jetblack

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  8. TreePhiend

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    Good point... Erowid has info on practicaly every recreational drug though.
  9. Autentique

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    Can you recommend some sites plz??
  10. eat_some_LSD

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    Lycaeum's about on Erowid's level, but the Hive is an extremely comprehensive forum aimed at the chemical and pharmacological aspects of some of the more exotic compounds, most of which I wouldn't even be able to pronounce correctly. :p
  11. i0-techno

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  12. KingGeorgeIII

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    LSD is god's semen.
  13. Mr.Writer

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    i swallow
  14. burnabowl

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    haha I was going to say acid is drops of god's tears, but semen is much more apt. or maybe breastmilk 8^D

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