What is barefooting and why is it done?

Discussion in 'Barefoot' started by slickbbb, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. slickbbb

    slickbbb Well-Known Member

    Hi, I just came across this and understand what it means, , sorry about the awkward title, but I didnt know it was a 'thing'.
    Is it common now in western culture?
    I could make you all envious by saying I wear shoes a handful of times a year only. The rest of the time its flip flops outside and never anything in a house. Thats the norm where I live.
    On occasion I have gone barefoot outside but only to cross the road to go to the beach infront of where I live. Also if my flip flops have broken and havnt got round to buying new ones and dont want to put on jeans so I can wear shoes or trousrs. When this happens people ,where I live, look at me like im a bum. On certain tarmac it hurts too.
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  2. I'minmyunderwear

    I'minmyunderwear voice of sexy

    barefooting is not worrying about having to have flip flops to go outside.
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  3. goodearth

    goodearth Member

    Freedom is being a "bum" in your culture if you want to. Bare footing is one step down on the "bum" scale from flip flops, and one step closer to nature.
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  4. mmicmann

    mmicmann Member

    For me, it's two-fold. I hate anything enfolding my feet...even something as minimal as zoris (flip-flops), which are possibly the worst footware ever devised. Secondly, I crave touching the ground or floor and the rich textured feelings that come through the soles of my feet. Pebble-grained cement, dusty roads and of course mud are wonderful.
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  5. slickbbb

    slickbbb Well-Known Member

    I didnt say people without flips looled like bums , its what natives think though.
    A prob I have with it is having to watch out for glass, broken / uneven sidewalks etc. Even in fips I cut my feet often. We dont all live in over sanitized countries.
    Do you never burn yoiur feet on hot days?that is a prob here sometimes.
  6. charlie35

    charlie35 Member

    It isn't really a "thing", which is why this board exists. It's certainly not common in Western culture, and if anything becoming less so. I'd say wearing flip-flops all the time doesn't count, but if that's what you're comfortable with, then fine. There's been much introspection and navel-gazing on this board over the years about the rights and wrongs and reasons for going barefoot (myself included). I think what we're all trying to say on here is if you feel like going barefoot, defy convention and do it, being true to yourself and not caring what others think. If you think we're all nuts, and can't see any attraction in it, then don't. End of.
  7. slickbbb

    slickbbb Well-Known Member

    I dont coumt flips, im not a bare footer. I just asked a question. End of.

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