What is a hippie?

Discussion in 'Hippies' started by HomicidalMercury, May 22, 2007.

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  1. What exactly is a hippie in your opinion?
    I was in a discussion with some friends and when it came down it it I was a loss for words. I feel as I am a hippie but what makes me one? What makes you one? Wht makes anyone a hippie?

    Your thoughts?
  2. neponiatka

    neponiatka Senior Member

    what makes....
    positive thinking
    love for love
    love for people
    love for equality and peace
    looks to a certain extent...

    but in general everyone has his own understanding....
  3. crazylegs

    crazylegs Member

    Colors. I think of the colors.
  4. BraveSirRubin

    BraveSirRubin Members

    Someone who cannot eat after midnight...

    If a hippie eats after midnight he automatically becomes a Republican.
  5. ^^ lol BraveSirRubin u have the best posts, everyone i read makes me laugh =]
    And I agree with Neponiatka, love for equality and peace, care for others, the enviroment. I don't think appearance that much, more about views and opinions (lifestyle too i guess) than what they look like

    i dunno something like that i think =P

  6. dixie_pixy

    dixie_pixy HighMandi

    So Now You Know!

    Let Me Quote.... A Long Quote and I Will Supply The Link:

    Hippy is an establishment label for a profound, invisible, underground, evolutionary process. For every visible hippy, barefoot, beflowered, beaded, there are a thousand invisible members of the turned-on underground. Persons whose lives are tuned in to their inner vision, who are dropping out of the TV comedy of American Life.
    Timothy Leary (The Politics of Ecstasy) 1967

    I love this article! It's from our Skip!
  7. BraveSirRubin

    BraveSirRubin Members

    This used to be Jerry Garcia:


    He didn't die, he just couldn't handle those late-night munchies.
  8. Forget me not

    Forget me not Member

    I think being a hippy is all about freedom, love and peace. It's about positive thinking, relaxation and being in tune with mother nature.
    Peace and love to all.
  9. Eopikin

    Eopikin Member

    Hippie is a state of mind, self expression at its best. Its the idea of not letting things get you down, being a positive influence I think most of all its thinking outside yourself and trying to lend a hand. but what do I know I only just turned 17.
  10. Meghean

    Meghean Member

    For me, being a hippie is someone who can manage to believe in ideals like love, peace, equality and the balance between the individual and community without becoming bitter and severely disappointed in the world. Thus I used to be a hippie but now I'm classified as jaded. Perhaps a hippie is a symbol of hope. What does a definition really matter anyway? Eventually one grows out of the need to be labeled and merely is. It's like the Tao Te Ching, one simply is. It's not like someone could be "kicked out" of the hippie subculture. And it's not popular enough to be a trend one follows. The subculture is devoid of any formal rules thus there is no rules to classify one as a hippie. It's merely a community of like-minded people so if your opinions are similar to other hippies then you probably are one. That's a good enough answer as any.
  11. being a hippy is about anticonformism... you just can't fit in some place when you are a Hippy... and thats good like that... like who wants to look like somebody else??

    rather be a hippy man

    but I still agree with much of you
  12. Majestical`

    Majestical` Member

    I wouldn't go so far to say i'm a hippie personally.

    I'm merely someone adorned in green, longer than usual hair, interested in politics, global affairs, barefoot and into loving everybody.

    I don't know if you guys have these parties, i think they're more or less Australia/NZ centric -
    Doofs? They're parties in the middle of the bush, pumping psy-trance, chai stalls, like minded eco-centric people?
  13. The_Walrus

    The_Walrus Sgt. Pepper

    One who is peaceful and one who loves/appreciates all things---people, nature, etc.

    I don't think that interests/hobbies, drugs, political beliefs, etc. have much of anything to do with being a hippie. Sure, some things may OFTEN go along with it (doing drugs, being liberal, liking the '60s, etc.), but they don't HAVE to go along with it. Those things are just part of the common stereotype.

    All in all, a hippie is a peaceful being who appreciates and loves.
  14. Thanks for all the great replys so far.
    I consider myself a hippie beause i am for peace, love and mother earth, and agenst war and big company's who put their own interest befor the good of people.
    However I do differ from many hippies I know in my oppesion of illegal immergration, but thats just how I am.
  15. there is this acronym of the word hippie that i saw a while ago and i think it somewhat describes what a hippie is.
    it goes:


    this says part of what i think a hippie is. Other than that i think a hippie is a person who genuinely cares for and respects people, animals, and this planet. also please no hurting and killing and fighting with other people.

    also the word Hippie is just a label. it has been associated with many things that it may or may not be ie. druggie, activist, liberal... do not change the definition of who you are just to fit this or any label. Be yourself first and foremost and don't get bogged down in silly words that mean nothing more than what YOU put into them.

    now one thing i want to make clear, that many people say you need to be and i don't really agree with, is that you don't need to be a vegitarian. You need to respect animals and if you truly do so and understand it you should not worry about eating meat, except for cruelty to animals you need to know what is happening behind the doors of companies who make meat products like i said animals need to be treated with respect not slaughtered mercilessly. Eating animals is part of the circle of life, or what ever you want to call it, animals eat other animals and that is how it will always be. so let me again say there is nothing wrong with eating meat as long as you understand what it means and respect the animal that it comes from.

    sorry i got a little ranty there, people like PETA really irk me with the way they are so aggressive and in your face. but then again i am a firm believer in not forcing your own opinions on others. that just really puts me off when people do that. you can believe what ever you want to believe and i can what i want to. i won't force it on you, but if you want to listen and discuss what i think with some civility that is fine. just remember this and give me the same curtesy please.

  16. westham

    westham Member

    someone who loves everything and everyone!!!.
  17. madancingirl

    madancingirl Member

    The inner child - it'll be there if I live to be 100
  18. Be Still and Know That Which Is - Bhikkhu Mangalo

    I believe a major component of Hippie-ness is

    Acceptance, forgiveness, hope, and love.
    And Using acceptance and forgivness to achieve a better world to live in. Spreading positive energy. Spreading love and kindness. With the hope that it catches on and enriches the lives of other's and our own.
  19. i have to say smoking pot , compassion , not conforming to socity , connected to Grandmother Earth , some one who wears bold retro statments : no shoes , long hair , dreads, flower shirts , skirts , etc ; caring , love , peace , harmony ..... and most of all i feel is Compassion in the peace with the POT
  20. silverhippy

    silverhippy Comfortably Numb

    The times that needed changing, is what made me a hippy, those times are over now, so I keep my head in the right place, and try to understand what others think and not put it down, maybe I can learn from different ways of thinking, hippies are all encompassing in their way of thinking, we look at different things and say why not, again it's where you keep you're head now a days.

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