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    What if I was born today,
    A heterosexual, transgender or gay.
    Would I still be made to close my hands and pray,
    While believing in scientific facts and not what the Bibles say.
    Life would be easier, being born today.

    What if I tried a little harder at school,
    A bright promising pupil, IQ my secret tool.
    Would I still take the path that led me here,
    When every day that passes, I wish I was still there.
    Life would be easier, being born today.

    What if I didn't get in that car that night,
    A young naive passenger, a destination to meet.
    Would I've not learned to appreciate Life,
    To see what's important, the pain was potent.
    Life would be easier, being born today.

    What if I never asked her out,
    A gorgeous girl I loved, a pregnancy so sweet.
    Would this be the happiness after evading much defeat,
    To share our loss, started to think I'm beat.
    Life would be easier, being born today.

    What if eventually the pain had passed,
    Happiness found, easier life at last.
    Would it be forever, forever I hoped it'd be,
    I'm thinking maybe yes, this will surely be.
    Life getting easier, being born I'm glad.

    What if new love suddenly hits you for six,
    A girl before you, your hearts playing tricks.
    Would you risk happiness, just to get hurt,
    It's got to be yes, so give my best flirt.
    Lifes getting good, being born again today, it feels damn good.

    What if the ups follow the downs,
    Things working out, no more frowns.
    Would you grab it with both full arms, knowing life is in your palms.
    Grasp it all, it's a great call.
    Life happens once, make the best of it all.

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