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    Thought I'd put these together in 1 thread.

    thoughts of a dissilusioned soldier

    too much blood, flowing like rivers, another shot fired, another innocence lost,
    so much crying, for to much dieing, people filled with hate for fellow countryman, another child dies because a government lies, people shouting names, but no one replies, brother, sisters, husbands, wives, innocent people losing lives. Bleeding, pleading, crying, dieing. The truth is suppressed by political unrest. When will it finish, when will it end, the heartache of loss never will mend...

    Alone (unfinished)

    The days and nights are ever so long
    What have I done,what did I do wrong
    The radio plays, another love song
    each hour that passes, feels a full day long

    So alone I sit, Head hung low
    No friends to see, No place to go
    So alone I sit ,with head hung low

    No loving arms for me waiting to be wrapped arround
    no warm embrace ever to be found
    just cold empty spaces, not a sound
    a sea of silence for me to be drowned

    So Alone I sit, Head hung low
    No friends to see, No place to go
    So alone I sit,with head hung low

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA i can only find two of them . i will search my pc files for the rest then post um.
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    I love the feeling you've put into these, they seem very genuine :)

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