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Discussion in 'Oral and Anal Sex' started by tastesofchocolate, Oct 13, 2013.

  1. So basically me and my girlfriend have been together for 8 months now and i feel like we have done almost everything sexually, apart from proper anal (apparently my dick will kill her), ive fingered her ass though.

    I was wondering is there anything i havent tried?.. anything unique which someone more experienced (maybe you) has done and has had a good effect? i just feel like the foreplay is getting a bit boring for her.

    Any suggestions are welcome, doesn't matter how weird or strange they are, if they feel nice let me know! :)

    Male and female views please!

  2. MikeE

    MikeE Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Together 8 months and done everything. It sounds like you went through the check list pretty quickly.

    Have you taken the time to do things well?
    Have you figured out the menstrual sex approach that meets both your needs?
    Have you found ways to use sex to enhance your caring about each other?

    You post makes it sound like your relationship is pure sex and little or no emotion or caring. Its probably just an artifact of the internet.

    Something new? How about this, the two of you pick up some guy and your girl teaches you how to give a blow job?
  3. morrow

    morrow Visitor

    Or you make out in every room in the house.......but if you have done everything, then its just going to get boring from now....
  4. PineMan

    PineMan Senior Member

    You can't beat outside somewhere on a moonlit night, beneath the shade of some trees (so you have the advantage of being able to see any approaching audience, before they see you).

    From my own previous experience, though, it's advisable to take a good sized sheet / blanket to lay on the ground, as the first time my g/f & I tried it, totally naked on the grass, the next morning we were both covered in hives resulting from loads of biting bugs on the ground.
  5. have you pissed and shat on each other?
  6. enhancer13

    enhancer13 Senior Member

    Try not looking at oral as something you do just for foreplay! Next time you are fucking her pull out and bury your face between her legs and eat that pussy like it was the last one you were ever going to have. Then start fucking her again. Repeat often not letting her know you are going to. This is something my lady loves. I will make her cum with my dick then pull out and tongue fuck her. Makes her cum instantly again every time.
  7. silk896

    silk896 Member

    A third person
    A little bondage

    The list is endless. We here can give suggestions till the cows come home (cows??? nuh!) but it's really up to the pair of you to discover what other aspects of sex satisfy you.
    Try watching 9 1/2 Weeks.
  8. i do that most of the time, especially when she is cumming
  9. bondage is common with us, whipping, tying each other up, blind folding.

    Toys we are soon to find, just havent had the time to go into a shop and buy something.

    And third person is a no go, she defo would reject a third person, shes too greedy. might make her crawl on the floor to me though, like in 9 1/2 weeks.

  10. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

    No wonder you cant get to the shops to buy sex toys - your spending too much time having sex lol
    9 1/2 weeks that was a real sexy movie - Kim Bassinger & 'friend'. Wish I'd recorded it !
  11. Ice_Cool

    Ice_Cool Member

    Have you tried a nice romantic Natural-Analingus? sucking her anus (without being cleaned) pushing your toung inside her while you ask her to relax and push out?

    Do that please..and show her that you really adore her.
  12. KingWilly

    KingWilly Member

    Regarding the Anal aspect (and there are people on this forum far more experienced with it than I) and you saying you're way to big for her, it's nonsense. You may be well endowed but it's not impossible. The "sphincter" muscle (look it up if you don't know what it is) is naturally flexed or constricted all the time as it's what keeps the poo from leaking out. It takes quite a bit of relaxation, stimulus, lubrication and patience stretching it to get it to open up. But once it does, it can be opened pretty wide, you'll fit inside her, I guarantee you.

    Now that said the most important aspect is her being open minded and willing to go down that route. If mentally she's grossed out by it, not open to it, too scared, or whatever then it's not going to work. And if you force her it's going to end badly and you'll forever lock that door. If she's just scared but willing you have to convince her you won't hurt her, will go slow and if it does start to hurt her too much you'll back off or stop. Trust is very important here. Now everyone always emphasizes on the lube, ya gotta have lube, a mountain of lube, whatever... While I do agree lube is important I've had successful good anal sex without any lube, other than saliva and pre-cum. The most important thing is her willingness to partake or at least try, without that it's a no go and if that is the case then rather than anal itself I'd recommend subtly stimulating her ass in other ways such that maybe she'll open up to the idea one day.

    So assuming she's willing to try anal sex what I'd recommend in your situation is this:
    • You need to plan it. It may sound unromantic, but is necessary as there are a lot of factors here (bowel movements, nerves, cleanliness)
    • A big block of uninterrupted time in a secure location, I'm talking at least an hour, preferably a couple hour block window.
    • Set the mood, lower lights, nice soft music or relaxation sounds, whatever works for you guys
    • Some oils and or lube
    • I'd recommend giving her a body massage with oils or lotions for 20-30 minutes, head to toe, not concentrating on her ass but her whole body, the point of this is to get her body to relax.
    • Also position is important here. I'd recommend that she be lying face down and have a pillow or two under her stomach / groin area. This will boost her ass up
    • As you do this every now and then make a hand pass over her ass. When you feel she's very relaxed drift more often towards her ass, just start off with simple rubbing over it and maybe some light pressure on her sphincter.
    • I'd recommend going down on her, first her pussy to get her aroused, but migrate to licking and tonguing her ass hole as well. And switch back and forth a bit.
    • Then go back to your hands, rubbing her ass, applying pressure with your finger and enter her ass hole with a finger slowly... If you haven't been using oils you may want to break out the lube here if you haven't already... Also keep stimulating her in other ways as well.
    • Keep doing this, now at this point you're emphasizing mainly on her ass, but still liking her pussy a little bit as well. Now if she's not into it at this point or you concentrating on her ass is knocking her out of the mood then it's probably best to stop it there, move onto regular sex and try it another day. If she is still into it then keep at it, slide in another finger, go in and out slowly, then three. Remember it's a massage, you aren't drilling for oil... If it starts to hurt her you're going too fast. Eventually when you get in as much fingers as the girth of the head of your dick and they are going in and out pretty easy its time you can try switching to your dick, but very slowly... Just the head at first, take your time getting just that in. If it's hurting her then back off and try more finger play. You shouldn't really be forcing your way in, you almost want to push a little but let her ass suck your dick in in, once it does just go very slowly, just the tip of your dick at first, keep things lubed up and slowly go a little deeper and slowly pick up the pace, but do it very slowly. Be conscious of where you bottom out in her and don't try to push past that or if you do, do it very gently as this can hurt her. You'll figure out how much of you she can take in and it may be you can get all the way in her, who knows. It may be you can only get half your dick in her and you just have to work with that too.
    • Once you're to this point you're good, but be careful, you can still hurt her by moving angles and if you try to switch positions you may have to work at it to get your dick back in as her sphincter naturally wants to close up, especially when she switches positions and things.
    Anyway hope this helps!
  13. nz male

    nz male Senior Member

    That gave me a hard on just reading it ! I like the suggestion of taking it slow & not rushing straight into her. That could cause some friction between the both of them relationship wise.
  14. KingWilly

    KingWilly Member

    Glad it got you going :D

    Again my anal experience is far more limited to some other posters, but what experience I do have is mainly with anal virgins, and they just don't understand how to control & relax there ass muscles yet, nor relax as a whole, and it's totally understandable. I mean think about it, something jabs you in the ass is similar to trying to wear contacts for the first time, it's natural to shut it and get irritated or in the case of an ass tighten and pucker up. It's a foreign feeling if you're not used to it.

    What I wrote is more for beginners or for the well endowed guys thinking they can't hit a home run up the poop shoot

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