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Discussion in 'Astrology' started by tigerlily, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. tigerlily

    tigerlily proud mama

    my sun sign is taurus

    my ascending sign is scorpio

    moon in virgo

    and what do the planets rule? do they rule certain personality traits? i'm asking because i don't know what the heck me having venus in cancer means (for example)

    any help is great appreciated :&
  2. AannaSolo

    AannaSolo Member

    What you need is a really great book on astrology (there are 1000's of course) or an astrologer, but in a nutshell
    Sun in Taurus-loves comfort beauty etc, balance - I'm sure you know all this by now.
    Scorpio Rising-look up Scorpio in a book for the qualities of scorpio. These also reflect you. some astrologers say that the rising sign is just as important as the sun sign and these reflect the outer you.
    Moon in Virgo- emotionally, you act like a virgo; look up what it means...

    You ought to check out whether you are an indigo or crystal child, as that is just as important right now - just do a search on the web. Don't forget, your natal chart is your blue print for you and a great way to "know thyself".

    Good luck in the grand venture...
  3. nimh

    nimh ~foodie~

    or you could plug your info into something like astrodienst


    books will have more info though, and even better than that is getting a reading done by an expert, because they can tell you better about how all the aspects work together and can find themes in your chart, etc...
  4. tigerlily

    tigerlily proud mama

    well i went to that link nimh, and it actually gave me different results for the same info.. weird... it says my ascendant is libra and not scorpio.. now i'm confused :p but thanks for your guys' help :) i may go to the bookstore tomorrow!!
  5. easyskankin

    easyskankin Member

    awesome ! im another scorpio riser ! really mysterious.. you have an extreme appearance and a lot of persnal magnetism. you can be percieved as antisocial or shy. Features are deep penetrating eyes, strong jaw, and a strong and able body.

    sun in taurus... also in 7th house... you are very affectionate and relationships are bout trust and stability. you tend to be possessive...

    moon in virgo shows that you almost instinctively take in fine details. Very observant. Hardworking and devoted.
  6. Zanman

    Zanman Member

    Post your birth details with time and place and I will tell you your sign and degree rising.
  7. tigerlily

    tigerlily proud mama

    okay awesome! :D

    i was born, may 20, 1983 in indianapolis, IN, USA, at 4:33pm
  8. tigerlily

    tigerlily proud mama

    la dee da... :rolleyes:
  9. Carlfloydfan

    Carlfloydfan Travel lover

    help me too

    I've got this info, but have no clue what it means.

    Planetary positions planet sign degree house motion
    Sun Scorpio14°27'2709/10 direct
    Sun is technically near the end of house 9 and is interpreted in house 10.
    Moon Aries 21°58'4603direct
    Mercury Sagittarius00°17'0010 direct
    Venus Sagittarius21°11'3511 direct
    Mars Capricorn23°15'4201 direct
    Jupiter Capricorn09°48'5012 direct
    Saturn Scorpio 18°31'1510 direct
    Uranus Sagittarius 12°03'5411 direct
    Neptune Sagittarius 29°32'0611/12 direct
    Neptune is technically near the end of house 11 and is interpreted in house 12.
    PlutoScorpio02°34'0309directTrue NodeTaurus27°26'1704 retrograde

    House positions (Placidus)
    Ascendant Capricorn 22°49'14
    2nd House Pisces08°13'45
    3rd House Aries 18°27'54
    Imum Coeli Taurus 17°21'45
    5th House Gemini09°39'49
    6th House Gemini 29°58'17
    Descendant Cancer 22°49'14
    8th House Virgo08°13'45
    9th House Libra 18°27'54
    Medium Coeli Scorpio 17°21'45
    11th HouseSagittarius09°39'49
    12th House Sagittarius 29°58'17

    Major aspects
    Sun Sextile Jupiter 4°39
    Sun Conjunction Saturn 4°04
    Moon Trine Venus 0°47
    Moon Square Mars 1°17
    Moon Trine Neptune 7°33
    Moon Square Ascendant 0°50
    Mars Sextile Saturn 4°44
    Mars Conjunction Ascendant 0°26
    Saturn Sextile Ascendant 4°18
    Neptune Sextile Pluto 3°02
  10. White Feather

    White Feather Senior Member

  11. Carlfloydfan

    Carlfloydfan Travel lover

    15.5 was five years ago...I have no clue!!!
  12. james q

    james q Uranian

    carlfloydfan: to understand ur chart u do need to know the position of the north and south nodes of the moon (these r more important than the sun sign in my opinion: the sun describes the kind of energy u run on: in your case scorpio, which is kind of tricky for a guy with an aries moon because patriarchy doesn't recognise men with scorpio suns and moons as valid: scorpio is a feminine water sign). what can be said is that u have a hell of a lot of planets in capricorn (as well as your ascendant). nothwithstanding, capricorn will be the tribe u identify with the most. what's capricorn? these people are the managers and the organisers, they transfer spirit to matter in order to administer it wisely. the hard thing 4 u will be 'taking yourself too seriously'. u must learn that taking yourself seriously is not serious.
  13. james q

    james q Uranian

    carlfloydfan, these are ur aspects. hard aspects (conjunctions, squares and oppositions) describe the type of challenges and conflicts u have set up in ur life that, creatively, enable u to learn what it is u most need in order to achieve ur original intention in being incarnated here:

    Major aspects
    Sun Sextile Jupiter 4°39
    Sun Conjunction Saturn 4°04
    Moon Trine Venus 0°47
    Moon Square Mars 1°17
    Moon Trine Neptune 7°33
    Moon Square Ascendant 0°50
    Mars Sextile Saturn 4°44
    Mars Conjunction Ascendant 0°26
    Saturn Sextile Ascendant 4°18
    Neptune Sextile Pluto 3°02

    u have got only one hard aspect (moon square mars: suggesting a conflict between the rough and aggressive masculine tendencies u have, and the emotional or water based parts of ur mind and personality). if this is true then u have got a pretty comfortable life, in fact a problem 4 u could be that there wont be enough creative tension in your life and u will become quite bored. there are 2 aspects that will help u here: the moon trine venus, and the moon trine neptune are very highly spiritually charged aspects (even more so if any of the three planets fall in the 4th, 8th or 12th house) . the moon neptune trine gives u, potentially, access to past life memories and dreams, while moon trine venus gives u immediate spiritual entree to the goddess, and women in general. should u choose to develop these things u will find u are quite psychic.
  14. tigerlily

    tigerlily proud mama

    do you think you could tell me some stuff about myself? :) pleeeeaaase? i know i sound whiny, but i was trying to get info by starting this thread and never really got any.... my b-day's above...^^ but i'll post it again... may 20, 1983 indianapolis, IN 4:33pm
  15. james q

    james q Uranian


    you have a libran ascendant and your lunar north node is in the ninth house of sagittarius, meaning u will identify strongly with the libra tribe of people, and your karmic work (dharma) is to be best done by learning the mysteries of sagittarius. what i said to the boys earlier about mars in sag applies equally to u: u will need to go on a quest, a search for the meaning of life, and in this the universe will support u. this is at cross purposes with the libra ascendant which doesn't want u going anywhere, except in establishing relationships and becoming master of equal partnerships. libran people r here to investigate the true nature of relationships. my advice to u is find a partner to go with u on your big adventures. u will never be truly fullfilled and u will be no closer to liberating your soul from the interminable cycle of birth-death-reincarnation unless you do. your pitfalls and possible addictions will stem from your virgo moon and your south node in the third house (gemini). u have graduated with flying colours from the gemini school in the virgo tribe in your past life, so these things r not a mystery to u and u can do virgo and gemini with your eyes closed. (virgo being the sign that seeks to understand the minute patterning of third dimensional reality and gemini being the tricksters and jokers, the people who defy the laws of gravity and fly if they feel like it.) and there are no brownie points 4 doing well what u already know how to do. the soul demands new experience to acquire new knowledge. u may feel at times that the rules don't apply to u: they didn't when u were a gemini, but they do now that u are a libran on a sag quest. this could be a source of frustration to u. the answer may lie in having venus in cancer. she wants to nurture things, she wants to plant a seed and stay with it and care for it until the seed has grown to maturity and can cope on its own. in this u can excel now, so start planting, girl. oh and do remember not to give away everything to other people which venus in cancer will give u a tendency to do. u must always keep enough 4 yourself and your 'family' whatever your family may be.
  16. james q

    james q Uranian

    oh snd i forgot to mention something else: one way of looking at this is to think in archetypes. in a past life your old god was mercury (ruler of both virgo and gemini). your new goddess this life is the moon (venus in cancer, the moon the ruler of cancer). when we say the moon goddess we actually mean diana, artemis, selene, hecate or isis, take your pick. she is your new goddess and if u r into ritual it's worth honouring her every moon cycle. u will get to be very sensitive to the lunar cycles once u become conscious of your venus in cancer potential and energies. i am a cancer ascendant and i worship hecate (the three faced goddess). i honour her every dark moon and every full moon. if u want more info google 'hecate'...
  17. james q

    james q Uranian

    also, having jupiter in sagittarius reinforces the sag quest thing. jupiter in the chart points to the fastest way to get where u intended to go when u incarnated here in the first place. that is by following the sag route u will achieve your original aims and fulfill your life purpose speedily. so, u definitely do need to go on that search for the holy grail. the trick for everyone nowadays is how to best integrate the disparate themes: in your case, libra, sagittarius and cancer (air, fire and water respectively). libra seeks balance and harmony through relationships. sag is a gypsy sign and doesn't need to relate to anyone else if he doesn't feel the need to. he takes and doesn't give which is his true nature. and cancer is what we call a householder sign: a big giver and nurterer as i explained before. the trick is in integrating the signs. being faithful to each sign, and true to your original intentions. good luck
  18. Carlfloydfan

    Carlfloydfan Travel lover

    first off I can't THANK :) you enough for all the help you have given me in understanding all this. You have a lot of nice facts but add a personel touch which is nice. Its fun reading what you have to say for sure!!!

    But looking at that quote, I think I have developed that a little. and its more of a bodily thing right now. I was half asleep, sorta spacing out mode when I had this weird dream (but can you dream when you are half asleep and spacey?) this couple arguing, pretty abrasively. They wouldn't hear each others side and were just being awful to each other, boarding on emotionally abusive. Travel was mentioned as well as Chicago but the details I can't remember sadly, my memory works that way. But its not so much the dream as the feeling I got when i came to. It was very slow making the transition from that dream state back to a waking state, first of all.

    How can I describe this now.... You know that feeling you get when your arm is asleep? well, my whole body was like that but INTENSIFIED. I couldn't move anything, my body was relaxed...and I suppose numb is a good word to describe it. It was a surreal feeling and very dreamy. It took me a while to realize I was in my house. but yah, moving my arm a cenimeter was tough, thats how relaxed I was.

    That sounds weird I know. Its impossible to describe it and I know words don't do it justice but it was a cool feeling. I had it a second night in a row but have no recollection of a dream.

    Is the north and south nodes of the moon on astrodesient? maybe its something I overlooked.
  19. Carlfloydfan

    Carlfloydfan Travel lover

    it says True Node Taurus27°26'1704 retrograde

    so I am guessing true node = north node?
  20. james q

    james q Uranian

    carlfloydfan: this bloody system is driving me nuts. i keep getting logged out all the time. i write a reply, find i'm logged out and lose all my work. at the moment i can't see ur reply. but anyway, u were talking about ur dream. btw i also noticed u have got neptune in the twelfth house which is his house. u have got very strong spiritual themes in your chart, so it doesn't surprise me about your dreams. do u meditate? that's also good 4 bringing dreams out into consciousness.

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