What does the US do with the other half?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Balbus, Nov 16, 2020.

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    You're my kind of Christian! I was told recently though by an atheist/Buddhist, that I'm not a Christian cuz I don't believe in the particulars of the creeds.
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    As he slowly departs, he continues to be lionised by the right.
    Maybe it’s not that hard to see why. Trump’s personal brand of viciousness appealed to every worst human instinct, justified every vile prejudice, excused every mean and unkind thought. His is a blind ignorance that resonates with those who will not or cannot see. Falsehood is always easier than truth. For these reasons, Trump’s global legacy is Trumpism. It will live on – toxic, immoral, ubiquitous and ever-threatening.

    Trump fed our worst instincts. His global legacy is toxic and immoral

    Americans’ acceptance of Trump’s behavior will be his vilest legacy

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    Very sadly - unfortunately - this is the legacy that Trump has STAINED the U.S.A. with. Every election - Federal, state, and local - will come into question going forward. This has never happened in my lifetime. It's the result of one individual ............ Trump. He's the VERY SOURCE of the lies. And due to their 100% lack of ethics and morals .......... Trump has had a following of loyal political LEECHES, who've tied their own political fortunes to a morally bankrupt, ethics-less liar. So those spineless leeches will say the same things, tell the same lies, and stir up anger and violence to further their own political futures.

    I see very troubling times ahead, unless a bunch of people snap themselves out of "Trump-fog" and return to what's best for all of the U.S.A. .................. before Russia and China attack and end the U.S.A. entirely.

    As it is now .............. we're self-dividing and destroying ourselves. Putin and Xi are LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF THIS.

    "A house divided against itself cannot stand." - Jesus
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    If I were in America I would make sure to have a supply of gas and food. The Q plan is to disrupt supply lines for them. They feel that since they control the rural farms they don't need to fight that long. The only problem is they are assuming truckers (who have bills) can afford to get politcal. The free market will bring a company that does not tolerate that kind of employee. They want to block roads and act like pirates in the 17th century there are private security firms that follow the same logic. Ground will be stood on both sides. It's probably going to get nasty.
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    LAW AND ORDER !!!! ????
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    Trumpers think that doesn't apply to them...
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    From The Rolling Stone
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    I agree 100%. Another civil war is on the horizon .............. and just what does anyone think Russia and China will do then - sit on their hands???? After we start shooting each other and killing off their potential military adversaries, Russia and China will pick over the ruins like vultures.

    Think it's not possible??? How many steel mills do we have here capable of producing the MASSIVE amounts needed to build ships, tanks, and other necessary military hardware?? How many electronic factories do we have here anymore to produce our microchips and semiconductors to control our weapons systems?? Those things are ALL offshore - and have been for decades since REPUBLICAN RONNIE REAGAN declared, "We're going to change our economy from a manufacturing-based economy to a service-based economy" back in the 1980's. He said that in a nationally televised address to the nation - and I watched / heard the whole thing. That's when the flood of factories and businesses began to leave the U.S. for foreign shores and poverty-level labor. It started under RONNIE REAGAN - A REPUBLICAN president.

    So if we as a nation, are stupid enough to start another civil war over "the preachings of Donald Trump" - how will we supply a U.S. war effort if Russia and /or China decide it's time to attack and destroy the United States while we're pre-occupied dividing and killing ourselves?? Our allies come to help us??? Trump attacked, verbally shredded, and undercut them severely. I don't see any former allies rushing to save our ass. Russia & China are building up their militaries and flexing their muscles around the world, pushing boundaries established by international law, and sending ships into waters they would not have before. If any of you don't think we're at an EXTREMELY vulnerable point in our history ........... wake up and take a hard look at our strategic position ........... while we fight amongst ourselves over T-R-U-M-P and his bullshit. He may very well be the cause of the downfall of the U.S.
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    As I said just above in my last post ........... Trump may very well be the cause of the downfall of the U.S.A.

    I wonder if Putin has something on Trump so damaging and destructive personally and financially (maybe that whispered-about "pee-pee tape" ?) that he has Trump doing his bidding and weakening the U.S. democracy. Putin is MUCH smarter than Trump, and he's a former KGB agent. He could easily leverage Trump into spreading propaganda to weaken our government (which he HAS BEEN DOING.) Why has Donald Trump said absolutely N-O-T-H-I-N-G about Russia hacking into so may of our government agencies, businesses, and institutions - despite the fact that all our intelligence agencies say Russia is the country that did the hacking????? Trump instead blamed China - NOT RUSSIA - counter to what all our intelligence agencies said. Putin will stop at nothing to take the U.S. down, because we're the country that outmaneuvered his former Soviet Union and caused it's demise as it had once been.

    Add to that the fact that Russia and China have become much more cooperative with each other in the last year or two. Not a good scenario for freedom-loving countries ......... like the U.S.
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    The question still seems to be what can be done about 'them'…yes we know what they are like and we know they think ‘we’ are such a dangerous and despicable enemy that even bringing down US democracy, supporting acts of terrorism and even sparking a new civil war would be preferable to having ‘us’ in power but they are not going away and just ignoring them I think would be dangerous so they question remains what is to be done?
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    Give them a nice cozy rock to live under... On Mars.
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    The simple answer is that they are a culture of liars, the same culture of liars that produced the civil war, with over half of them still insisting the sun revolves around the earth, not because they necessarily believe that, but because they have no fucking idea what to believe. Their own teachers persist in teaching them that English only has one grammar, when it has two, and refuse to teach a child how to use a fucking dictionary, share their words and play nice, insisting that's only for Quakers and total losers. They have the highest rates of suicide, abortion, divorce, rape, child abuse, and alcoholism and their population has been imploding for over half a century. It required decades of research for me to figure all this out, and I've been booted off every academic website imaginable, for telling them they are killing their own students according to their own research. Their own technology, is making all the lies progressively unsustainable, and my work is in how to accelerate that process.
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    Who are 'they' in your context?
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    Quakers, humm.
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    Today we see what the vanguard of that other half can do and will continue to do - remember the right wingers that used to come here and claim that the true danger to US democracy was all the left leaning folk - where are they now? Living in bubbles with tin foil hats and Q anon t-shirts - reallly - is that what the right have become - are there no more sane right wingers out there, are there any still on the side of the angels?
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    Calmly explain to them how wrong they are while ramming their head into the table, repeatedly.
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    We should begin by uniformly condemning their actions at the Capitol building and charging each individual involved to the fullest extent of the law.

    Otherwise it will embolden them in the future to commit other acts of treason and domestic terrorism.
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