What do you think this could be?

Discussion in 'Health' started by Earthy Mama, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. Earthy Mama

    Earthy Mama Feel my wrath... ;)

    I've been worried. All kinds of weird things have been happening to me lately. I can't go to the hospital again because I have a big bill from last time. I had staff and no insurance. I'm trying to find a clinic around here and am expecting a call back about that soon. In the mean time... what could this possibly mean?
    My back has been hurt for a week now, I rest all the time and when I even try to do even simple things it goes back to extremely painful.
    My leg freezes up all the time, everytime I sit crossed legged. It hurts so bad I can't move. It kind of feels like a charlie horse and it doesn't go away until I can get someone to pull my leg out straight and you can feel and hear a crunchy pop noise. This happens at least once a day.
    And the last strange thing is I black out constantly. I get up slow so its not that I'm getting up too fast. I just see everything fade out and feel dizzy and light and I'll fall a little and snap right back out of it. It scares me because it happens at least 3 times a day. Does anyone think all this could be related?
  2. could be a very bad kidney infection, i had one it made my back and leg on that side hurt so bad like i had been ran over and i would pass out alot. do you have a fever or break out in sweats?

    hey most hospitails have charity packages just get it filled out(its a bunch of stupid paperwork). or go to a homeless clinic they will do it free or very cheapy look online for free clinics in your area. or go to the health department and get on medical coupons... good luck!
  3. audreyanne

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    Dear Earthy Mama,
    You Said You Recently Had A Staph Infection,and Im Wondering If You Took Any Anti Biotics?i Know "its Not The Hippie Way"and All That,but Somrtimes Its Necessary.if You Did,did You Take Them All As Prescribed?it Sort Of Sounds Like You May Have A Few Things Going On,maybe The Leg Is Related To A Pinched Nerve Kind Of Thing...the Dizziness Sounds Like Anemia You Need To Have Some Bloodwork Done!!!and Maybe Ots Nomb,but If You Have Dependant Children,why Dont You Have Medi-cal?is There A County Hospital Near You?you May Want To Check That Option Out.i Have Some Med Books That Have Been Helpful To Me In The Past,i Will Ck It Out And Gbtu.good Luck,take Care Of You2,youre Babes Need Tou 2bhealthy!namaste,audreyanne
  4. Earthy Mama

    Earthy Mama Feel my wrath... ;)

    I got antibiotics for the staph infection and took them all the way I was suppose to until the bottle was done. I was told when I was 13 I had osgoodslaughters(sp?) and I'm wondering if that has anything to do with my leg pain since it is behind one of my knees. My med assistance has run out and I need to file new paperwork on it. I wish I knew ahead of time that it had run out but I didn't find out about it until it was up. I called a local childern's clinic around here and asked for any adult clinics and found one but it won't be open until monday so I will be going first thing monday morning. Thank you all for your suggestions...it has been eatting at me wondering what it could possibly be. I know how the back pain was caused just why it won't go away(it'll get better and just all of a sudden go back to unmoveable pain).

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