What do YOU think is up with Trump and his people?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gangster19, Nov 11, 2020.

  1. Gangster19

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    I mean, WTF are they thinking? He lost! And the votes they are complaining about would NOT give Trump the win anyway! He is appointing crazy people and inexperienced people to posts in the Pentagon? Why? His people are basically acting like they are in denial and if they just keep denying it then Biden will just disappear!! Seriously....what the hell is going on with these idiots?
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  2. Tishomingo

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    A really good question. And they won't say. Obviously, the immediate effect is to undermine the Democrats by delegitimizing the election. That also undermines democracy, especially if the Democrats retaliate when they get an opportunity. The fact that Trump and his minions don't seem to care is disturbing.

    Trump is not so much a strategic planner as an intuitive, impulsive street fighter who is keeping the opposition off balance while he works out his next moves. His supporters essentially believe and do what he tells them. He probably thought he might get one of his judicial appointees to come to his rescue, but that doesn't seem to be working out. Now I think the idea is to throw as much sand in the gears as he can, to set the Dems off on a shaky course. He can then continue as the "rightful" president- in-exile" with his base of loyal supporters while he makes money as a media figure and plots his return in 2024. The worst case scenario is that he tries something more dramatic by leading some sort of armed uprising backed by loyalists in the military, but I don't think he's got the guts for that.
  3. unfocusedanakin

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    Trump has never lost. Anytime he has failed he has been able to bribe his way out of it, lie, or cheat. A narcissist can not accept failure anyway but he's in a place where he has always failed up. He is doing what I knew he would. No matter how extreme the conspiracy of course he is the victim of it. Add in the fact that he is clearly suffering from dementia and the fantasy get even worse.

    A lot of Americans have a grandfather in a nursing home with a nurse that "steals from them" for example. No matter how much you explain they have not owned that watch since the 1980's they don't accept it. The election is the watch.

    Republicans in general are pretty clear now they favor fascism over democracy and Trump has people around him who agree with his delusions. It is a dangerous time but fortunately for America Trump is not that smart even when didn't have dementia. If he were he would be able to do what he's doing much better.
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  4. On the subject of supposedly inexperienced people

    Whether it's White house, Washington or the Pentagon everyone previously in those posts had whole teams of public servants, contractors, staff etc that did all their work for them anyway

    Which is why the revolving door thing didn't didn't have much of an impact on operations

    It's not like drones are going to start dropping out of the sky of one particular person gets fired, no matter how high up

    And you of course, would have absolutely no idea how effective that previous person was in their role, whether it was actually Trump that did the firing as opposed to someone else whispering in his ear to fire that guy

    You have just formed an opinion blindly based on what the NYT tells you to think.....and now calling almost half of the voting public in your country idiots
  5. You will probably be back in Syria in under 12 months, becuase Biden won't be able to fix Covid and do the usual trick of starting a little war to take everyone's mind off it

    With those Pentagon types more likely to be able to walk all over him
  6. Gangster19

    Gangster19 Members

    See now there you go again Dad! Maybe I should've said "gullible clueless fools" instead. My bad! I KNEW that when TRUMP (of ghostwritten books, board games, Hotels that went bankrupt overnight and of course TRUMP UNIVERSITY ) managed to somehow (?) got elected....we were in for a four year SHITSHOW....and here we are. But of course......believe what you must!
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  7. Gangster19

    Gangster19 Members

    WTF ? Who is in Syria? You need to take a chill pill pal!
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  8. Gangster19

    Gangster19 Members

    I dont think he has it in him either. I'm beginning to think it is a scam for fleecing the people who (for some completely inexplicable reason) think he needs their money for legal battles! He has been using this money to begin to pay the unbelievable amount of debt that he is being literally crushed by! Sometimes I think his entire Presidency was actually a scam to try to get his sorry ass out of debt at the expense of the American people!
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  9. I'm so chill I need defrosting

    If the US is back in Syria in 12 months becuase Biden wants to wag the dog and that ends up being true. Then how excited you or I get on some purple internet forum won't change the reality of that

    Remember, that's one thing Trump didn't do, start some stupid little war. So Biden can't do less than that, only worse

    Well, I should say Harris shouldn't I, Biden will be in a nursing home by Thanksgiving

    You kind of feel familiar by the way, you are member formally known as who?
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  10. Vladimir Illich

    Vladimir Illich Supporters Lifetime Supporter HipForums Supporter

    We always knew you were a 'stiff' - dead from the neck up !!!
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  11. Biden is going to beat covid by issuing a national mask mandate when most of your states have had one for 4 months and getting 50 state governors not to grandstand

    Biden will make sure no one has to pay for a doctor ever again

    Biden will end "systemic racism" by not paying police and by giving every American household a gas can and set of matches so they can save time and just burn their own house down next time some guy with a criminal record or active warrant resists arrest

    Biden will also cure cancer apparently

    Biden will raise the corporate tax rate and save an extra 20 million Americans from having to go to work and risk getting the Covid he has already beaten

    Biden will sign an executive order so children on both of Santa's naughty and nice list get presents
  12. wrat1

    wrat1 Members

    Having a President/Leader who wears a mask and puts teeth behind non compliance will go a long way vs a a president who almost NEVER wore a mask and did not appear to really care
  13. Now they will have a President that puts his teeth in a glass on a nightstand every night ;)
  14. Tishomingo

    Tishomingo Members

    So we're painting Biden out to be some sort of war monger, are we--again without evidence, just like the voter fraud charges. I think it's highly unlikely Biden is going to move back into Syria. Not the kind of place you move back into if you can help it.. As for "wag the dog", I'd be more worried about Trump as he gets desperate. Iran better mind its manners! From the looks of it, Biden isn't ready for the funny farm yet. He more than held his own in the debates, defeated 27 rivals in the primaries, and the Donald in the general. So as usual, you're full of bananas.

    BTW, I wouldn't get too dismissive of the elderly, old man. You're over the hill already., and you'll get there sooner than you think..
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  15. In his campaign ads Biden said "people need to wear a mask in public"

    That's not when people need to wear masks the most, they need to wear masks the most when they are at home when those they have the most prolonged contact with come home

    Biden saying that, it's wrong, it's not based on "the science" should be pushing for mask wearing when and where most infections are occuring

    France has had a national mandate for ages, Macron has always been wearing a mask, has at least pretended to care....

    France currently has 3 times the number of infections per million people the US does

    Has anyone heard Fauci ever talk about eye protection?

    None of these people are giving you the correct information

    If instead Ebola somehow became airborne and the pandemic was instead Ebola, you can be damn sure everyone would be wearing Hazmat suits and would be sitting around waiting for some old white guy to tell them what to do
  16. And how is Trump going to get desperate exactly? He has been playing golf since the election was called, media has gone into overdrive creating these fake nothing stories

    I thought you were supposed to be in the midst of a second Civil war right now, remember that? What nonsense
  17. Tishomingo

    Tishomingo Members

    Has anyone heard Trump or any of his team talk about that? Once again, the main purpose of wearing a mask is to protect others, not the wearer, although recent information indicates it will protect the wearer, as well. The biggest problem we face in my community, which is a hot spot and has a mask ordinance, is getting the people to wear the damned masks. I was at WalMart the other evening and some bulldog looking guy was strolling the aisles without a mask. When I told an employee about it, she said "we provide them but can't make anybody wear them". That's a problem. Maybe if they offered him a hazmat suit, he'd put it on?

    Nor are you. You've been giving us disinformation since the crisis beagan.

    Hazmat suits seem a bit extreme for Covid-19. Masks are easier to wear and diminish the risk. "Some old white guy"? You're suggesting his age and gender disqualifies him in some way. And are you talking about Biden or Fauci. Your "old white guy" in the Oval Office has been spreading falsehoods.
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  18. Tishomingo

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    Yeah, he's been playing a lot of golf lately and twittering in caps. (Voters with good memories may recall how Trump criticized Obama for playing too much golf). Judging form his looks in his first public appearance since the election today, he seems to have aged overnight, or has forgotten to dye his hair. Leaders in denial and in jams have different ways of relieving stress.Nero fiddled (or more likely played the bagpipes). What he hasn't been doing is governing. The Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and Three Per centers will be in Washington over the weekend, but since their Fearless Leader has taken to the golf course (when the going gets tough, the tough hit the greens), and people all over the country have been dancing in the streets to celebrate his departure, the steam seems to have gone out of the movement.
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  19. Flagme15

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    I don’t need The NY Times to tell me how to think, but the rest of your comment is correct.

    He still has two months left.

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  20. Flagme15

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    Since he joined HF.
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