What do you listen to when you're high?

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by john_the_pothead, May 14, 2004.

  1. I usually either listen to trance/techno music like crystal method, Ian Van Dahl, etc or Linkin Park, either Reanimation or Hybrid Theory EP (the one before Hybrid Theory). I always try to "dance" along with the songs or something, but it winds up looking like I'm spazzing out...it really entertains my friends...

    That "Such Great Heights" song is good too, it really mellows me out.

    Once in awhile I listen to System of a Down...

    Assuming you listen to music when you're high, what do you listen to?
  2. Becknudefck

    Becknudefck Senior Member

    pink floyd man. thats the best stuff when your high. especially the wall. watching the wall is even better though. bob marley is some good stuff to listen to while high too.
  3. FunkyPhreshMama

    FunkyPhreshMama Visitor

    the dead, bob marley, sublime, ani difranco
  4. *Anne85*

    *Anne85* Member

    i usually listen to south park mexican. but ian van dahl is really good too...
  5. Bone Thugs `n` Harmony...The weed song, smoke on, buddah lovvaz, bad weed blues, blaze it
  6. DL Krayzie Bone - Smoking Buddha, Smoke and Burn, and the Bone songs Budsmokers Only and "If I could teach the world," along with Bizzy Bone's "Weed Man."
  7. Ediction421

    Ediction421 Member

    Andre Nickatina, Mac Dre, E40, Killah Sharks, Equipto, San Quin, Notoriuos B.I.G., Tupac, Twista, 3Six mafia, Linkon Park, Lil John, Ludacris, Deftones, Metallica, Smoov-E, Sublime, Pink floyd, Bob Marley, Hollow Tip, Luni Coleone, Eminem, Dru Down, Tech Nine, X-raided... and more...:D
  8. i guess it really depends on what i'm in the mood to listen to. i'm always up for the grateful dead. and sometimes i'll listen to bob marley, sublime, slightly stoopid, sci, phish, pink floyd, led zeppelin, blues traveler...there's so much
  9. God

    God Member

    Beatles, Abbey Road

    Pink Floyd, Piper at the Gates of Dawn

    The Family Guy
  10. porkstock41

    porkstock41 stay positive and love your life ~311

    same stuff i listen to when i'm not high. my music preferances don't change. stuff like dave matthews band, sublilme, red hot chilli peppers, green day, smashing pumpkins, blink 182, i'm sick of listing
  11. babynug

    babynug Member

    since you asked.....the dead,eric clapton,bruce springsteen(in the right mood),pink floyd.
  12. Orsino

    Orsino Member

    Moby or Johann Sebastian Bach... maybe Mozart.
  13. Pink Floyd, The Bealtes, and Black Sabbath
  14. WeeDMaN

    WeeDMaN a pothead

    I love to listen to rap when Im high, it seems to make so much more sense.

    Eminem,D12,Tupac(RIP),Dr.Dre,Snoop Dogg,Easy E(RIP), Some 50 Cent.

    I also listen to
    Bob Marley,Pink Floyd.
  15. Velouria

    Velouria Member

    Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Rentals, Weezer, Rush. Everything I listen to when I'm not high.
  16. HappyChild

    HappyChild Member

    jazz is always good high.

    coltraine and miles davis!
  17. I used to always get way into Radiohead OK COmputer with my headphones on, I would smoke a gagger and listen to it and go to sleep. I would hear new things every time. I love that CD.
    You can never go wrong with Blind Melon either
  18. I love to listen to deftones when high...but i also listen to lennon and i love listenin to some ska too...but the really fast punk stuff...
  19. Ganjaman420

    Ganjaman420 Member

    Incubus, 311, and my main man hendrix
  20. acid*rain~bow

    acid*rain~bow Member

    first of all, i listen to the voices in my head...i can almost HEAR the speed of my associations until i´m so fascinated by them that i lose track of my thoughts

    i agree JAZZ is great when you´re high...you can pick apart the whole sound collage to the tiniest bits it consists of..or dive straight into it
    -> dizzy gillespie, miles davis, john coltrane, max roach, ella fitzgerald, oscar peterson, thelonius monk, django reinhardt, joe pass...............................

    i also love trippy shit like DRUM´N´BASS (friction, ganja kru, black sun empire, aphrodite, panacea, london elektricity, john b, concord dawn...) or GOA (but not too often ;) ..anyone know infected mushroom or hallucinogen?) ..and there are so many kinds of electronic music i can´t even define

    then the "CLASSICS" like the doors, jimi hendrix, greatful dead, wailers, lee scratch perry....

    and DANCEHALL! (bun it all day/bun it all night/it´s all good/it´s alright/pass mi ganja caw mi weed haffi light/all di weedWOman dem fi unite..! )

    but there are so many different types of music that don´t fit into any category...the list could go on and on.... (oh yeah bagpipes are really amazing when you´re stoned...!! ;))

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