What do you eat?

Discussion in 'Let Food Be Your Medicine' started by NatureDude, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. Meliai

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    I watched a documentary about farmed fish recently -in addition to being fed food not fit for a fish, they also swim around in tightly packed spaces (much like factory farming with cows, chickens, etc) so they're basically swimming in their own feces. Not only do they occasionally dine on said feces but their gills are constantly taking in the toxins from their water. You know how when you catch a fish and cook it fresh, it tastes like the body of water it just came from? When you eat a farm-raised fish, you're basically eating feces water.
  2. eggsprog

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    Right now I'm eating mashed potatoes and salmon with a smoky applewood sauce.
  3. NatureDude

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    I'm a fan of the paleo diet. I just need to get of dairy and grains, I'm just a couple of days away until that horrible cereal is gone. Those who visit my place may comment on my lack of milk in the fridge.

    GLENGLEN Banned

    Just Finished A Beautiful Pasta And A Glass Of

    Red For My Wednesday Lunch...:)

    Cheers Glen.

    EDIT:- Whoooops, I Thought This Was The "What Did You Eat Today"

  5. NatureDude

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    I had apple and rhubarb stew with chia seeds for breakfast, next time it might be boiled spinach and fried garlic and mushrooms. Sounds strange, this is the length I'll take to avoid cereals and dairy. Spinach is good for calcium and so is chia.
  6. passygalore

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    I mainly eat animal foods and fruits: beef, fish, eggs, A2 milk, cheese, butter, berries, banana, prunes, dates, citrus. Meats and fruits are the least toxic foods. Unfortunately, commercial poultry and pork are not eating what they're supposed to eat, so I avoid them.

    Vegetables are the most toxic and I totally avoid nuts, seeds, grains, beans and leafy greens.

    What do I mean by toxic?: hormone disruptors, natural pesticides, oxalates, thyroid inhibiters, digestion inhibiters, etc.

    Plants don't love us--they don't want to be eaten. They don't have fangs and claws and can't run away, so they employ defensive chemicals instead to cause harm when consumed.
  7. Vladimir Illich

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    With the exception of salads (which I regard as 'rabbit food') I eat most things.

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