What do I have?

Discussion in 'Sexual Health' started by brainstew, May 19, 2007.

  1. brainstew

    brainstew Member

    I thought it was a yeast infection but I don't have any burning. All it is, is when I cum, it's like cottege chesse, it comes out white and clumpy. It still has no smell & taste the same. What could I HAVE? I haven't had sex, ever so it can't be an STI or STD.
  2. wiggy

    wiggy Bitch

    It might be natural juices

    It could be thrush still, maybe go see your doctor
  3. Allonym

    Allonym cheesecake slut

    clumpy/cottage cheeselike discharge suggests to me its a yeast infection. burning from y.i.s usually only come from being itchy and scratching it, for me at least. burning isnt really a symptom o fa y.i., but cottage cheese like discharge is. get some canesten or monistat, o relse go see a doctor and see what s/he says
  4. peachybabie

    peachybabie Member

    just because you havent had sex doesnt mean you cant get sti's i have heard that you can get them from kissing as well as toilet seats... so just dont rule that out entirely. E
  5. hippiechick85

    hippiechick85 Member

    You can have a YI with out burning and itching. Also is this jsut something reacet? When I ovulate my cum is alot whiter and thicker but that is the only time out of the month like that maybe a couple days of it.
  6. England

    England Banned

    Not if you keep upto date with your jabs
  7. TransAmRocker

    TransAmRocker Member

    not to be mean, but if its natural juices....UGHHHH I would go see a doc. and ask if there is ANYTHING they can do to "thin it out".
  8. KyndMama07

    KyndMama07 Member

    I would say that if it's cottage cheese like, that there is most likely something wrong if it isn't typically like this. I mean, is it not normally like this? Is there any pain or anything at all?
  9. peachybabie

    peachybabie Member

    what are jabs? But welll i dunno, ive heard of people who are virgins getting STI's
  10. LOLkTHX

    LOLkTHX Member

    I would imagine that, given the context, it is a slang term for pap smear. :p

    Anywho like everyone else has said, sounds like yeast. Last time I had a pap the doctor found a bit of the stuff, but I never had any burning or itching symptoms. My cum has always been thick/smells like bread so it makes me wonder if my vagina just has higher levels of naturally-occuring yeast than your average woman. How long has it been coming out cottage cheese-like for you? And you say it smells and tastes the same as before... but can you compare that smell to bread or beer at all?
  11. Rue Takedo

    Rue Takedo Member

    "Jabs" is slang for immunization.

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