What did I take? Fake Acid (Suspect RC) 25i nbome?

Discussion in 'Synthetic Drugs' started by tryptamines, Aug 24, 2013.

  1. tryptamines

    tryptamines Member

    Hello everyone. I think I had taken an nbome passed off as acid, but I need your opinions.

    I recently came out of a very difficult trip experience, full ego death, extreme looping, lingering after effects. I now suffer from pretty intense depersonalization / derealization as well as occasional panic attacks.
    I am pretty inexperienced in tripping (low dosed on mushrooms once, pleasant experience), however I have reason to believe what I took was not acid.
    I've read a lot about acid and read many trip reports though.
    I acknowledge I went into the trip foolishly, without proper set and setting. I was pissed off when I took the drug.

    First of all the blotters were notably bitter.
    I'm 18, petite frame, 115 lbs, held 1 and 1/2 tabs (marketed as 100 micro a tab) under my tongue for a good 20 minutes before swallowing
    The come up was kind of unpleasant, took about half an hour, but I knew I was in for something wild.

    The trip seemed to be very very speedy, and roller coaster like especially at its peak.
    The visuals were very intense, and in your face (kind of annoying). I just remember thinking "goddamn this is super synthetic." I was stuck in a pretty frightening mental loop about confronting my parents about my agnosticism, and I knew FULL WELL I was looping and that just made it worse. My perception of time was severely impaired. Time felt nonexistent, like it was repeating, going backwards etc. I still have problems with perception of time now. I definitely had some strange hallucination I was back in the 60s and at Woodstock, felt like I was a God for some moments, then felt I was everyone at once, I was just everywhere, and I forgot that I had taken a drug. Very spooky, but very intimate.

    I had a sober trip sitter, to thankfully hold my hand through the experience.

    The trip itself made me very introspective, all of my anxieties came alive, there was a lot of mind chatter and I felt very impulsive, out of control. I had extreme moments where suicidal ideations were running rampant in my mind, but I kept reminding myself I took a drug, and I was going to sit it out and be rational and stay safe, and not become a statistic.
    I had cried many times during the experience, felt very empathetic, terrified, but came to many conclusions. There was one point during the experience where I just relaxed and gave myself to the experience, saw the sky turn bubblegum pink, and that was definitely a good point during my trip, but overall I felt out of control, felt like I had fucked myself over.

    I felt vasoconstriction pretty badly, numbness in my extremities, a bit of nausea (maybe from anxiety), I got really pale, jaw clenching, a bit of dystonia, tachycardia (for sure), felt like I tasted the chemical's bitterness for a few days after.

    I did not sleep at all that night (dosed at 10 am, was still tripping for a good 24+ hours) Somehow I was able to pull off acting sober that night in front of my family. The next day, I was still tripping, paler than usual, just wanted the experience to be over. I went over to a friend's house and tried to sleep, couldn't, still felt very out of control. I ended up having a panic attack when I got home, fessed to my parents I was having a bad trip amongst other things you shouldn't tell your parents under the influence. They reluctantly drove me to the ER, where I was given Ativan.

    After two days, the visuals slowly faded, but dirty hyper anxiety was present for 8 days afterward. I had to sleep in my parent's bed, because I didn't have confidence in sleeping alone.
    Some pretty life changing things happened following the bad trip, so I'm well aware that my serotonin system is probably in shock from such a beating. It's been 3 weeks since, been completely abstinent from substance (although I miss marijuana), trying to take walks, get enough sleep and I see a therapist who believes I have panic disorder. I admit I still feel pretty strange. My short term memory is pretty impaired, I have dp/dr that is 24/7, spells of apathy, little to no confidence in myself doing activities like going to school or having a job. I worry constantly if I am perma"stoned" (the dp/dr feels like I am stoned). I definitely am staying away from any drugs until I get my life back. I still am very curious about classical psychedelics and psychonautics, though as I said, I have decided to stay away until I have proper treatment and fully return to baseline, and have my life sorted out and am in a happy time in my life. That also means no marijuana, for a long time.

    I've been hearing that 25i nbome has been going around as a cheap replacement for L, and I'm pretty damn well disillusioned that people would do such a thing. I hear they are very unpredictable, and have caused lots of overdoses. I felt very near death. Had I known or properly prepared, I know I could've had a less immersive, traumatizing experience, though I can't change the past. Any thoughts?

  2. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    you took poison ,, you should go to hospital asap, or dial 911 from your telephone..
  3. guerillabedlam

    guerillabedlam _|=|-|=|_

    The duration makes it sound more like a Do(x) chem. (Dob, Doc, Doi) Everything else sounds like it could have potentially been 25I-nbome, LSD can produce some of those affects as well. But the notably bitter taste is a red flag that it wasn't LSD.

    Since you already went to the ER, I think you should lay low for awhile, let things calm down for a few weeks, attempt to integrate any lessons that may be worthwhile from this experience. If you dont feel anything was... Then attempt to find some things to take your mind off of it, if that doesn't work after a few weeks to a month then maybe seek therapy.
  4. tryptamines

    tryptamines Member

    It just sort of pissed me off that I was in the ER, yet they decided not to test for the drug,and it's been 3 weeks so I'm sure whatever it was, it's left my system.

    I heard DO(x) is less visual and the blotters are bigger and thicker though and are pretty rare. The nbomes are far more common. 25i nbome can cause lingering after effects that do last days especially when overdosed according to erowid. The blotters seemed standard sized, but they had a strong smell and taste. I used BMR to buy them and someone in the comments complained he "dropped four" and didn't get anything at all, but a bad headache. That was a red flag I ignored at the time.
    I now LSD has stimulant properties, but whatever I took was incredibly speedy and felt very dirty, like I was on meth and a psychedelic, leads me to believe it could be a nasty RC, but I'll never have a definitive answer.

    I'll hopefully be seeing a psychiatrist soon. It's hard to concentrate on school and learn, but I've been trying to manage. Thanks for your input.

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  5. eatlysergicacid

    eatlysergicacid Creep in a T-Shirt

    Yeah I think it sounds like 25i. I've heard a few cases now where effects lingered for excessive periods of time in these overdose scenarios.
  6. TopNotchStoner

    TopNotchStoner Georgia Homegrown

    I concur. Not only because of the duration, but also because of the "speedy" effects the OP mentioned. The DOx compounds are amphetamines, afterall, and one of the DOx's I've tried had me tweaked and tripping for 2 days or so. Besides, 25i definitely doesn't last 24+ hours.
  7. d0nny

    d0nny Member

    Did you go to the forums or read reviews then? Was his product not tested? Did you buy from a new vendor? You should've been more careful and known what you were buying. Thats why those places are around.
  8. tryptamines

    tryptamines Member

    He had relatively good reviews, except for one. I don't think he was new. Yeah, I know. I actually went on SR a few days after purchasing and found a more trusted vendor, but it was too late.

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  9. tryptamines

    tryptamines Member

    Hm can you describe your DOx experience in terms of physical and mental effects, intensity and headspace? I've only had reason to suspect it is 25i because of the relatively similar headspace as cid, and several other things, but I guess it may have been a DOx, won't know for sure. Thanks for your contribution.

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  10. TopNotchStoner

    TopNotchStoner Georgia Homegrown

    The 25i headspace is nothing like that of LSD, in my experience. 25i didn't seem especially speedy to me. I would even describe it as being pretty mellow, at points.

    The DOx experience I was referring to was a few years ago, so it's not very fresh in my memory, but I do remember it being VERY speedy with an extremely trippy headspace. I don't know how many milligrams it was, because I ate 9 blotters(I had 15 total blotters), thinking it was LSD, but I immediately knew it wasn't LSD. The experience lasted 40+ hours and I was tweaking pretty hard the whole time. There were some decent visuals too, and quite a few moments of hysterical laughter. The auditory effects were especially pronounced. Myself and my cousin, who dosed 6 of the 15 blotters, went to a grocery store and, while we were waiting in the check-out line, there was so much auditory input(people talking over the PA system, customers rambling, someone dropped their keys, etc) and we both just burst into laughter and we couldn't stop, because everything just sounded so strange. I imagine the cashier and other customers were wondering what was wrong with us, because we were acting like a couple of lunatics. lol
  11. tryptamines

    tryptamines Member

    Holy shit, 9 blotters?! I only did 1 and a half! Sounds pain stakingly similar though, especially the auditory hallucinations and the trippy headspace. Everything I did felt alien as hell. I was listening to "Astronomy Domine" on the come up on a bus ride and I swear to god, I looked out the window and my surroundings were growing and shrinking, fractals on trees, rainbow geometry, but yeah nasty speediness.

    I remember walking in a crowded downtown area. I heard every single noise. It sounded like people were waging wars with their voices. I hated the auditory distortions. :( if it was any DOx, I would not want to repeat it because the duration and intensity was too much. Plus I hated being over stimulated and it felt like sensory overload.

    Lucky you had someone to share the experience with

    I still want to try real L someday, but not so sure if I should. :confused:

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  12. TopNotchStoner

    TopNotchStoner Georgia Homegrown

    I actually appreciated the duration. My cousin, on the other hand, was completely exhausted and he wanted it to be over. He was trying very hard to go to sleep in his recliner, but he kept twitching and it was keeping him awake. lol We both enjoyed the experience though, even though my cousin wished it would've been shorter. I didn't tell my cousin right away that I could tell it wasn't LSD, because I wanted him to peak and level out before telling him. If I had told him during the comeup, I'm pretty sure he would've freaked out and worried that he may have dosed too much.

    As for whether or not you should try actual LSD someday..........the answer is "YES!!!".
  13. tryptamines

    tryptamines Member

    Hahaha well that's good. I'm glad you two had a positive experience. It just wasn't what I had expected, though I shouldn't have had expectations to begin with and I dosed in not so good conditions. I wanted it to be over when I noticed I was forever mentally looping, around the peak. I also didn't have time to be tripping for more than 10 hours, but I mean it was a learning experience in many respects.

    L just seems like the must try psych in my book. But seeing as I'm still mentally out of it from my last horrifying trip, I won't consider tripping for a very long time and only when I'm absolutely comfortable with my life. Mescaline and shrooms are on my to do list too.

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  14. SunshineChild

    SunshineChild Mad Scientist

    TopNotch, were the blotters you had verified 25i-nbome or is it speculation? Just wondering because IME 25I-NBOMe was real speedy on the come-up and up til the peak. I'm not sure I would consider it mellow until at least a few hours in.

    25C-NBOMe on the other hand was a little speedy but not really that much, and at the peak reeally mellows out. like I could just sit n chill on 25C easily.

    I will second the notions that you were passed off a DOx compound as LSD. NBOMe's don't last that long and the physical effects you mentioned are present in both NBOMe's and DOx, but the mental effects you mentioned sound more like DOx then NBOMe. I have noticed the NBOMes are pretty clear-headed and new people to psychedelics can handle them pretty easily at reasonable doses.
  15. TopNotchStoner

    TopNotchStoner Georgia Homegrown

    The NBOMe blotters I had were the combo blotters going around with 1.5mg each of 25i and 25c(total of 3mg). Phens have always produced a very heavy "stoned" feeling for me, but, as we know, everyone reacts differently to psychedelics, and this seems to be especially true with NBOMe's.
  16. Hedgeclipper

    Hedgeclipper Qiluprneeels Nixw

    I get the feeling that I got the nbomes this summer but I can't tell for sure because I was on acid before and after I took the blotters, probably multiple blotter prints, and there was one guy on acid saying they weren't acid and then some people saying they were and eventually everyone forgot what everyone was talking about
  17. tryptamines

    tryptamines Member

    Hahahaha, that's hilarious. I've never done acid previously, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't acid, but then again I could be wrong. But then again that's some extremely bitter tasting acid. It's so hard to tell without a test. Nbomes are pretty common though from what I've been hearing.

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  18. Hedgeclipper

    Hedgeclipper Qiluprneeels Nixw

    yeah I'm pretty sure at least one of the blotter prints we were eating ws nbomes, but they mixed well with all the acid.
  19. tryptamines

    tryptamines Member

    So you had nbome blotters and acid ones too haha wow that's good

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  20. Hedgeclipper

    Hedgeclipper Qiluprneeels Nixw

    I'd honestly rather have taken just lucy. I've tried a little nbome and I don't like it that much. Its kinda cool, but I'd rather do more well-researched compounds that are more fun and pleasant.

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