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Discussion in 'Sexual Health' started by ~AmyLeeLoo~, Jun 3, 2007.

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    I've always been a very sexual person, the problem is that i am not anymore.
    In the last 4 months my sexual desires or "libido" has almost disappeared!
    Why is this happening?
    I have a very sexual partner and i'm very attracted to him, sex has always been amazing and all but for some reason now i just have a very hard time to achieve an orgasm, and I'm almost never in the mood for sex.

    Why is this?
    Is there anything i can do to raise or elevate my desires?
    (i dont want any pills, something natural please.)
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    Sounds like its time to turn on the oven...why don't yall try different things. Role-playing, clothing, porno movies, different positions, ETC!!

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