What could it be? (for girls)

Discussion in 'Sexual Health' started by Canadiangirl12, May 28, 2007.

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    I noticed about 3 months ago that there are flat white spots on my inner labia (both sides). They aren't noticeable unless I pull the skin a bit and then they are quite noticeable. They aren't itchy, it doesn't burn to urinate and it doesn't burn when I have sex. I have only had sex 5 times and with the same person. Everything seems normal except it's kind of embarrassing. Is it just the way the skin is structured and shows more when you pull it? I have a doctor's appointment for next week but it's really starting to make me paranoid and I can't get it off my mind now.
    I never really payed attention to look down there before I had sex because nothing felt abnormal (nothing does even now). I'm a slightly paranoid person about all kinds of illnesses so after I started being sexually active I looked and that's when I noticed these, so I'm not even sure when they developed.
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    Sounds like a yeast infection - very common.

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