What are you craving to do today?

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Flannelwearin'gal, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. Flannelwearin'gal

    Flannelwearin'gal .robert.johnson.fan.

    Today I am craving to make a giant flannel dress and wear it all day long because its very windy out and it will flutter in the wind

    What are you craving to do today?
  2. I would like to go to sleep knowing that I don't have to wake up with the children.
  3. Cate8

    Cate8 Senior Member

    eat. im just rlly hungry.
  4. I am craving sex.
  5. AquaLight

    AquaLight Senior Member

    Get a freakin job
  6. pink floyd

    pink floyd carousing&ransacking

    not go to work, not have to stay up all night, and instead going to the redwoods with my puppy
  7. Flannelwearin'gal

    Flannelwearin'gal .robert.johnson.fan.

    you're always craving that
  8. hotwater

    hotwater Senior Member

    Redwoods sounds nice [​IMG]


  9. pink floyd

    pink floyd carousing&ransacking

    i dont get why bird doesn't just go get laid. it cant be THAT hard.
  10. Yeah.
  11. Oh believe me. It is THAT hard. Ask any girl I ever fucked.
  12. pink floyd

    pink floyd carousing&ransacking

    sorry, i dont have your moms number.
  13. But you probably have yours.
  14. pink floyd

    pink floyd carousing&ransacking

    to the implications of that i say: you wish
  15. Beckner420

    Beckner420 troll

    Im craving lots of beer, because theres a keg waiting for me in my friends fridge right now.
  16. scarlettchasingroses

    scarlettchasingroses strawberry tart

    :drool: keg beer....can i join you?
  17. Beckner420

    Beckner420 troll

    for sure, 20$ or BYOB though :S
  18. scarlettchasingroses

    scarlettchasingroses strawberry tart

    I'll show you my boobs....can I drink for free?
  19. mitten_kitten

    mitten_kitten daisymae

    I am craving a massage. A real one, not just a lame back rub...
  20. Death

    Death Grim Reaper

    i crave makin money.

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