What are some must do's for a 1st Dam Trip

Discussion in 'Amsterdam' started by T-Dawg, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. T-Dawg

    T-Dawg Member

    I leave for the Dam tomorrow, been wanting to go since I picked up my first high times 20 years ago.....anyone got advice on absolute must do's and must see? I have 6 days and 7 nights to work with. Also, are there any DO NOT's that I should follow? Not trying to inadvertantly offend or piss anyone off as a guest in their country.


  2. koopa

    koopa De Kuil Krue Hipster

    read the posts on this board....they have the answers and you can obtain them faster then by hoping the regular posters log in, read your post, and care to type the same old stuff over again before you leave

  3. T-Dawg

    T-Dawg Member

    Thx Koopa, Been pouring over the board too...looks like a lot to do in a very short amount of time......
  4. koopa

    koopa De Kuil Krue Hipster















    i also recommend the heineken brewery, the rijk museum, sex museum, torture museum, boom chicago comedy show

    avoid maddam(sp?) toussads wax museum
  5. 420

    420 Stoned Immaculate

    Here is a recap of highlites from our trip last year...

    Food: Awesome "rice table" at the floating Chinese place next to Central Station. Great Thai at a tiny place on Ramgraacht just east of CS Basjoe. Excellent chocolates from Puccini. No, make that absolutely fantastic, munchies from heaven chocolates from Puccini. Great prices on German wines at the AH market.

    Coffeshops: Bluebird, Basjoe, Greenhouse, Grasshopper, and Amnesia all provided good smoke to Euro values... NY Diesel and AK-47 were favorites.

    Museums: Rembrant's House, Van Gogh, Anne Frank's House were all worth the time

    Nature Trips: Kuekenhof Gardens were fabulous, but we were there at the peak of the tulip bloom season. The Artis Zoo is also pretty nice for an urban zoo.

    Tourist stuff: Pluses: Heiniken Brewery- lots of free beer, decent tour of a non-working brewery. Negatives: Bought tulip bulbs that were a total waste of money. Not one grew when planted per instructions.
  6. smiley420

    smiley420 Member

    on my first trip a "must" place 4 me was the grey area cs......they always have great smoke....another was the abraxas cs.... i had to try the hash milkshake....

    have fun....... smoke lots of good marijuana...... b safe....... peace :)
  7. islandgurl

    islandgurl Banned

    Definitely go to one of the open markets and visit a brown cafe with Dutch food, they have them in the Jordaan. Try some bitterballen, cheese souffle's and if you're lucky enough some spinach and brie soup YUM

    Also walk along the canals in the Jordaan on your way to Amnesia or Grey Area (which are around the corner form one another). Amnesia is a great place to order a glass of hot mint tea made with real mint leaves and chill out while having a smoke. If you want to see the locals hanging out go to Tweede Kamer. I loved it there for that reason.

    Try a chocolate from Puccini (across the street from Grey Area). They're especially wonderful if you like dark chocolate. I prefer milk and the couple I tried were good, but be prepared to pay about 2 euros a piece.

    Make sure you try NYC Diesel weed. Simply one of the best experiences in flavor... nothing else like it. I'll be going back again soon and I just got home last month. Once is never enough :)

  8. T-Dawg

    T-Dawg Member

    K, been here for a few days now and it pretty much kicks ass. Visted Abraxas, Amnesia, Hunters, The Grasshopper...But not to let my coffee shop visits get the best of me...also did the Torture and Hemp Museums, took a canal boat cruise, Gardens Botannica (not really worth the ride or money), Rijksmuseum (very much worth admission..fabulous paintings and artifacts). The pastries are delicious, the Wok to Walk is good cheap eats and the Argentine steakhouses have the best grill around. Thanks for the tips all...still have to make it over to the Grey Area before leaving Friday, keep forgetting they close at 8pm.... Well...I am at hunters now and am thinking about picking up a pre-rolled and just kickin it for a spell, got a segway tour tomorrow ....cheers....and Koop.....does the name mean anything in Dutch?

    T-Dawg Out...
  9. T-Dawg

    T-Dawg Member

    Oh...tried the Diesel and felt like I got hit by one...very nice...as is the bubble gum, Orange Bud, Sensi-snake and some kind of carmelo? hash.. :)

    T-Dawg Out...again
  10. Tugboat

    Tugboat Member

    Sounds like a blast T-Dawg, I get there Sunday, just 2 days for us a side trip from London, still at first it was only going to be 1 day. I am stoked about 2 days. cool to hear you are having a blast, I want some of that Diesel so I can feel like one of the Zombies from Land of the Dead.....To bad I get there after u leave we could have burned one, or two, or well you know....
  11. T-Dawg

    T-Dawg Member

    Thanks for the chocolate tip Islandgirl, that place smells terrific, but not a place to go with the munchies..I spent almost 40 euros there, the dark chocolate is not nearly as bitter as the US variants.....if anyone else is looking for an experience, I suggest the segway tour, kinda pricey at 60 euros but a cool thing to try....the guides give a lot of good info on Rembrandt and his life in Amsterdam....they also have a night life tour, kinda wish I did that as the nightlife is pretty cool over there. Thanks for all of the suggestions I got from this forum, I saw some cool things, had a lot of fun, and got rid of those pesky weak braincells too......I have to start planning another trip :)
  12. islandgurl

    islandgurl Banned

    LOL you're welcome and I gotcha beat... I spent over 42 euros the second time. First time I got out of there somewhat reasonably. Hey, we only live once. *~wink~* I'm going back soon, but this time will pay more attention to some chocolate I brought home that was a hit and I didn't get to try it lol a little something I picked up at Albert Hein in a blue wrapper with Swiss written on it. Lots cheaper and from what I heard quite good and creamy. I didn't like Albert Hein's brand of chocolate. It had too much dark choco flavor to me, even the milk. Someone who likes dark chocolate might like it though.

    Try the hot mint tea with the fresh mint leaves one night, verrrrrry good and refreshing. :)

  13. T-Dawg

    T-Dawg Member

    oh, @ Schipol on the way out, I picked up some Kinder Chocolates, they are killer, my friend got me some last year when her and her ol man were in Germany...the candy is really good, got some kinda creamy crap inside but totally addictive...not nearly as addictive as that diesel though ;) wish I coulda brought some of that back with me:(
  14. islandgurl

    islandgurl Banned

    I feel your pain, T-Dawg. Believe me there's nothing better than a good bowl of NYC Diesel mmmmmmm I shall be tasting it soon (don't hit me lol)

    Where did you get the Kinder chocolates? Albert Hein? Sounds good as long as they're milk chocolate I may have to try them, let me know. I can't wait. I'm already almost packed and I don't leave for 2 weeks *~huge grin~* think I get excited? lol ;) I can't wait to get my hands on some Amnesia Haze and some NLx5 Haze too woohoo!!!

  15. 420

    420 Stoned Immaculate

    Sounds like we will be there around the same time... we'll be there on July 28, then going to Germany for a couple of days, then back to A'dam from August 1 through 12.

    Last trip we mixed some Haze and Purple Power... made a little "Purple Haze" combo that was mighty sweet! We followed that up with some Puccini bon-bons to quiet the munchies. My wife won't eat Hershey dark chocolates, but she still has dreams about Puccini bon-bons.

    Can't hardly wait...
  16. T-Dawg

    T-Dawg Member

    The kinder chocolates are milk chocolate and super creamy......I don't recall the store, but its one of the last minute get whatcha need before boarding the plane shops. Y'all have a fun and safe time...look into the segway tours..those things are a blast to ride...thinking I might get one in the future.....
  17. islandgurl

    islandgurl Banned

    Well I know where I'M going either when I get there or leaving. Thanks, T-Dawg! That was majorly helpful 'cuz I'm a super creamy milk chocolate freak still on the hunt in A'dam for it :)
    <Mike Myers voice from Waynes World> "They will be mine, oh yes, they WILL be mine" lololol :p Party on!
  18. guest1234

    guest1234 Visitor

  19. guest1234

    guest1234 Visitor

    I - as a chocoholic - dont like Kinder at all. The only reason i buy the eggs is because there's some weird toy-thingy in it. Lame, but keeps you busy on trainrides and stuff. Verkade Volle Melk bars are the best i think.
  20. islandgurl

    islandgurl Banned

    okay something happened let's try again

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