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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by stickchick24, Jan 15, 2005.

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    Last night, I had a weird dream after waking up around 1:30 am. I was at my family house and an old friend was there with a giant forehead (like the mascots). Then around dusk, a UFO picked up a van driving by and then there were tons of little spider-like aliens coming down from the sky. My family and friends hid in a little creek while I blew up the propane tank to kill them (the aliens didn't like water). I have no idea what that means or where I came up with that dream. Any one w/ similar alien dreams? What is the meaning behind them?

    Peace & Love
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    It could mean anything. Or nothing. The true "meaning" is in your interpretation, I think
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    Sounds like the movie Signs to me...If you have a dream dictionary, look it up. That's what I do with my dreams. They are quite interesting and mind-boggling.

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    maybe you shouldn't stay up so late watching old b scifi movies
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    My bf had a dream where he was having sex with a really nasty looking alien. I think it means he thinks im a nasty alien??? Aliens suck
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    Hi stickchick24, here is another thought if you want

    I guess we are all aliens - as long as we tend to put those into a scheme whom we feel like not fully understanding, and understood by as much. And sometimes it is the scheme that is most alien.

    In the very end it is about the need to understand our own strange selfes. What else do they come for but to hold a mirror for us so that we may face our own fears and self set limits, wondering if they are really real and truly true.

    So you tapped into kinda spider net of thoughts and view of the world not all yours, that triggered an invasion like of bacilli who just ask you to be aware of changes inside and around you, and the need to clarify.

    What is yours is the experience, the humour and the letting go, and the honoring of others for having shared with you, be they alien or not.

    Thank you for posting your dream !

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