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    Eternal damnation will be

    our final destination

    says some author of some old book

    for people who choose to give up their lives

    to live for somebody else.

    Even our own presidents says

    hey, we can all be free

    as long as you believe

    what I believe.

    This world gives up no choice

    but to express our opinion

    then be knocked down

    driven into the dirt

    buried under the cement,

    until our self-worth presses through

    the decay, the disease, the dark

    and is laid to rest

    like the roots of the Elm.

    But our words will be heard

    Thomas screamed,

    “rage, rage against the dying of the light!”

    the time when shadows take form

    to reveal who you really are,

    perplexed, stretched, faded

    only living life as an exact replica

    of somebody else.

    Reach, and struggle, and strive

    with all it’s strength

    never touching the divine static

    the unreachable radiate.

    Peer into the hole of the Elm

    witness the soul

    of old age yearning to speak

    cracked and fermented

    bitter and misplaced

    grasping to it’s skin

    clutching onto the last bit of purity

    the last bit of sin.

    Dragging its faltered fingernails

    slipping slowly away from its shell

    until it’s lost.

    Bosch’s Delights revealed

    the real lives of The Children

    whose crevices and ideas are molested with temptation

    but they smile all the same.

    A mirrored image of who we are now

    our minds being finger fucked

    by the old men on Wall

    in the White House.

    “quit the hypocritical chants

    of freedom forever”

    as Ani sang.

    The powerful take money by

    feeding addictions of the powerless.

    The reason you wake up and look in the mirror

    is an addiction they work for.

    The heroin junky has no one

    to thank except his deliverer

    who proclaims The Annunciation

    of his life ending

    swollen lips

    bloodshot eyes

    tainted skin.

    When was this man given a voice?

    the day his wife died

    or the day his son was paralyzed?

    “Do not go gentle into that good night”

    let the world know its’ injustice

    and while laying unconscious

    in that rotten ally

    take out your soul

    feed it to the rats

    but do not concede.

    Let your ideals be reconceived

    in an imaginable form

    and your voice echo over.. and over..

    twisting, overwhelm

    the minds of the lost.

    Do not settle with a whisper

    not even a scream,

    radiate your words

    through skin, and blood, and tears,

    the faith, the truths, the lies

    until gazing into your eyes

    parade not only the soul

    but also the mind.

    The world will beat you down

    and hurt you,

    bruise your face

    and rape you,

    violate every pulse of your heart until

    this life slits your wrist of your existence

    and you bleed out your sins…

    do not go voiceless.

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    powerful. passionate. expressive. full of dynamic and effective language and structure.

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