What’s your most embarrassing moment naked?

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by mulliganman, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. Mark98765

    Mark98765 Members

    Mines got to be in high school we started doing mix sexed p.e and over time we started sharing changing rooms as everyone put the request in. So here I am in a changing room full of lads I’m going to get a shower after playing rugby so I’m fully naked and as I finish the shower about to walk round the corner stark naked and boom minimum of 3girls stood there whilst I’m staring back in nothing
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  2. megsovereasy

    megsovereasy Members

    my little cousin walking in as I finishing up with a boy. She walked in right as he started cumming on my face. We shared the most awkward 30 second silent stare, then she quietly left. She was like 11 or 12 and knew about sex, but what made it such a cringeworthy thing was trying to explain why he was cumming on me and why I enjoyed it. Ugh. Now that she's older we can laugh about it
  3. She might have though, "I better check, that guy sounds like he could be in pain"! hehe
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  4. Alonso376

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    Probably the most embarrassing is the first time having sex with an old ex in her cousins house who's parents were away. My exes mother turned up to check on house and I was told to get into clothes cupboard quick. I jumped in as her mother walked up stairs saying she heard a guy. My ex was naked under bed sheet, her mother put light on and looked around room. Then opened the cupboard to me crouching in there with a massive hard on. Instead of being mad, she said oh its you. Come out. By this point my exs cousins were by doorway too. I got out woth back to them and sat on bed. Her mother sat close next to me and started having a chat asking what we'd been doing. Her hand on my leg and smiling taking a good look at my mostly hand covered cock. Lol. Had some cracking other ones too but that one got around the town. Lol. Was bit of a celebrity for a short while. Wish her hand moved over couple of inches though, lol. Ive been caught with a hard on many times by family and friends.
  5. Jude96

    Jude96 Members

    In my early 20s I was on vacation with friends at a beach house. I was in the outdoor shower out back behind the house rinsing off after being at the beach all my buddies came back with girls we had met earlier ready to party. Two of them hopped in with me and I wasn't prepared for that. They got a kick out of easily getting me aroused. It was great but if you knew my personality I was also easily embarrassed
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