Were you spanked as a child?

Discussion in 'Spanking' started by MunaJadida, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. Steveh

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    I'd say it is related. I was spanked while naked by my mother over her lap, often times when she was naked too. I did get erect at times and she would slap that too with her hands when i stood up in front of her. My first wife wasn't into spanking me and i only got to spank her bare ass a few times. The second wife and I both love spanking by either of us or by others. We are both turned on by it
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  2. squirrely1

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    I was whipped with belts. Spanked with hair brush, and/or a ruler. It depended on what my Mother decided would be good enough to make sure I learned my lesson.
    My Grandmother would only use a switch and nothing else.
    so looking back, I believe spanking is a necessary form of discipline. It taught me to be accountable for my actions. Of course, I was punished in other ways too, but that's for another post.
  3. Maximillian1

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    Spanking is a fetish that I think most people are born with. It's like a sexual preference almost. I know at a very early age, I was into spanking as when I was around four or five, I spanked another little girl that lived upstairs from me. She was the same age, and willingly went across my lap to recieve it. Dress up panties down, although we weren't sexually aroused by this, it stuck with me all my life! I guess for us spanking was the norm in most households, so it wasn't a stretch to see one being administered or even get one from parents. The funny thing was when I was fifteen or so, another girl that lived across the street from me ( we had moved away from that side of town I'd spanked the girl) asked me if I remembered spanking a little girl years ago! I blushed deep red I'm sure abd said no. She continued that the girl would like me to do it again! I often wonder what my life would've been like if I did meet up with her. So from that I'm guessing it's something we hold inside, maybe from previous lives lived? I gave up trying to figure out why it turned me on many years ago, and resolved to the fact that that's the way I am.
  4. NorCalMan

    NorCalMan Guest

    I was spanked by my mother. Always pants down and over her knees. The same was true for my brothers and sisters. I once got spanked by my aunt at her house for cursing. I was embarrassed having my pants down in front of my cousins.

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