Were you spanked as a child?

Discussion in 'Spanking' started by MunaJadida, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. jpdonleavy

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    I think singing hymns has to be the most corrosively boring activity imaginable. They were all written by pious white men a couple of hundred years ago (at least I assume they were white, since they were scoring these hymns in the British Isles, Scandinavia and Germany). Prayer is not so bad because it sends positive messages t the subconscious and when done publicly is a communally bonding experience. Even atheists can get those two benefits. I'm an agnostic who believes in some spiritual essence in the universe wthout having any idea what it is

    More to the point, the grinding boredom of Church services militates in favour of misbehaviour; particularly if one is already a budding sex addict and has an almost constant boner in Church from imagining how various parishioners look under their clothes or, well, just on general principle/principal.
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  2. Linaa

    Linaa Members

    I have never been spanked as a child, but I love it now. BUT I've never been a stranger to discipline, so maybe that's why the transition to using spanking in sex was never hard. I love to feel a bit humiliated and punished by the right person.
    I think it just has to do with the personality, you can't value your pride too much in front of your partner and to be able to enjoy getting spanked you need to have at least some trust to your partner, it can be even more intimate in some ways than just regular sex. So I get that spanking isn't for everyone. But of course if you got spanked as a child you probably are more likely to have learned not to be too prideful at least.
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  3. Candybuttons

    Candybuttons Sweet Member

    My mother spanked me a lot, she never said it was for my own good, she just did it out of frustration and anger. I was actually a good girl but she hated when my sister and I would fight or be loud. She would spank me anywhere, she would even pull the car over to do it, she would also do it in the change rooms in stores.
    At home she would spank me until I "stopped" crying. She said the more I cried the harder she will spank. That part has affected me as an adult as far as not liking to cry.
    I don't know how it affects me sexually yet because I have only had light spankings during sex, nothing hard.
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  4. sickgirl

    sickgirl Members

    Hi, I was spanked as a child. I never enjoyed it, but do now as an adult!
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  5. Aranmich

    Aranmich Members

    I was spanked as a child, and I think it has a direct impact on my sexuality now. I went to a private school where I was required to lower my tights and panties and lift my dress for the spankings. They were done by the male principle while a female teacher watched. When I was in 4th grade, I had a training bra on and the teacher made me remove it and I remember being very conscious that they were able to see my nipples. My step-dad is required that I be completely naked during his spankings. He would spank me standing up, facing my stepbrother and stepsister so they could laugh and giggle at my jiggling breasts and belly. Very humiliating.
  6. Deidre

    Deidre Visitor

    I was spanked pretty hard as a kid. I didn't talk to my dad for a while until about two years ago, and he apologized for how he treated me growing up. I don't like spanking in a sexual way, not because of the spankings I received as a kid though, but because it seems contrived. Like ''you've been suuuch a bad girl,'' that lead up to a spanking would probably make me cringe or laugh...not really the desired effects. lol

    I like a lot of teasing, and being submissive when it comes to sex, but I don't like the idea of being scolded or punished as a type of foreplay.
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  7. philbox

    philbox Members

    i was but i quickly learned how to avoid a trip over my parents knees. good then, or so i thought but being a responsible person
    (one of the things a spanking teaches you if they are done correctly) a late life guilty conscience is the result of not being responsible.
  8. Eric!

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    I was spanked as a kid. Pants down, pants up, and with switches, belts, broom sticks, paddles (at school). I can honestly say that I do not care for a beating of any kind, anymore.
  9. Sharkman84

    Sharkman84 Member

    I am 33 now but can't get the image out of my head from when I was 10 of my mother bursting into the bathroom and spanking me naked before I had a shower then dragging me to the naughty corner naked and making me stand there in the nude. Would probably be considered child abuse now. In saying that if my wife spanked me it’d be fucking hot.
  10. magickman

    magickman Supporters HipForums Supporter

    um..yeah I was

    GLENGLEN Lifetime Supporter

    I Was Spanked With A Wooden Spoon......Didn't Really Hurt.....I Used To Laugh Which

    Made My Mother Even More Furious.......Sometimes When She Broke The Spoon

    Even More Laughter Ensured......Then I Ran For The Door......:laughing:

    Cheers Glen.
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  12. rockwood

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    My father was a brutal hulk of a man. Mom tells me it started when I was 3 yrs old. The last beating and I mean beating when I was 17 yrs old when I escaped his house. I just grew up in that manner and did all I could to stay out of his way. One may say you should have called the cops. That was not going to do anything as he was a highly respected cop. His best friends were cops along with the County Sheriff. They knew what was going on besides.

    I raised 3 sons. I would not allow my wife at the time to ever raise a hand to them.
  13. Bobbie52

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    I got whipped with a belt regularly growing up. Mom made me strip naked and lay on the bed while she beat my bum. It hurt a lot but I also found it exciting and by the time I was a teen, erections were common. I am sure this established my love of spanking sex.
  14. Sharkman84

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    I have to admit I think I was probably physically abused as a kid as it usually involved my mum spanking me naked with a wooden spoon and keeping me naked after it.

    I don’t hold any resentment or emotional scarring, I hated it at the time but thinking about it now actually makes me seriously horny.
  15. NotMyRealName

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    This is pretty much me. With the exception of I don't find any interest in it sexually. I do find that more than a few women do seem to enjoy being spanked. So I'll oblige them, but it isn't as a means to turn me on.
  16. jpdonleavy

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    A dew times - minimal- never done with any alacrity - just spanked a few times through a sense of obligation - my grandfather used to thrash a thin strap around my legs a few times if I were boisterous. I never deveoped that wariness that kids have when their elders beat them unpredictably on whims
  17. Goander

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    Yes. A belt or a switch ! Ouch !
  18. Yeah. My dad had a yard stick.
  19. Kerri

    Kerri Members

    No not at all
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  20. Adamskiffle

    Adamskiffle Members

    Nope, gladly not.

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