Wellbutrin and?

Discussion in 'Drug Polls' started by Dman000, May 12, 2013.

  1. Dman000

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    I just recently started taking Wellbutrin 150mg Xl, I'm basically looking for a recreational drug that's safe to mix with Wellbutrin. I used to chill on Codeine and weed but now I can't. Any suggestions? I don't want anything that ups my seizure threshold any more then the Wellbutrin already does. I was thinking Ativan. Not sure really. Any suggestions ? Thanks.
  2. Dman000

    Dman000 Guest

    ?? Anyone ??
  3. Dman000

    Dman000 Guest

    Lowers my seizure threshold *
  4. east lilly

    east lilly Guest

    I don't know about WELLBUTRIN , Except my son is on it and he said that he didn't enjoy taking more of it, just sort of freaked him out. I'm on Lexapro and Abilify but you can't get high off of them, it just controls my depression.
  5. PinkiePiex

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    my brother took wellbutrin for a while but couldn't when the insurance stopped paying for it so he tried to kill himself...
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  7. FreeSoul

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    Welbutrin for me was a negative point in my life. I was prescribed it as a light depression medication and something to help quit smoking cigarettes. I was also given alot of effexor and some other hardcore evil mind fuck drugs that made things worse. After a couple of weeks cigarettes tasted like crap so Wellbutrin worked for that temporarily. One day I had what could be described as a horrifying bad/dirty trip that left me in fear and tears in the corner of a room for a whole day, i had extensive visuals and I was in the dark zone. It sucked. Thankfully that experience made me ween myself off of all those evil Big pharm company chems that cause more damage to the natural state of the brain. It takes years for the negative effects depression and anxiety drugs to flush out of your sytem. Wellbutrin supposedly only has these type of pshycoactive trippy affects on 1% of the people who take it. These things dont belong in your body.
  8. I take wellbutrin and I smoke aswell, but maybe ativan or clonazepam might be a good option for you..benzos are fun!
  9. gpc2012

    gpc2012 Members

    When My Dr started adding other things to the meds to control my pain he added Gabapentin to my array of meds it's for nerve pain and seizures, I'm already taking Dilantin. then for pain Fentanyl with Oxycodone for breakthrough pain.

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