well, I realized, I'm a huge patriot..

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by JanaXGIRL, Jan 15, 2005.

  1. JanaXGIRL

    JanaXGIRL Senior Member

    yeah, as I said somewhere, we were in the mountains to skiing, for one week, and there were some german students too, and we didn't like them much.. heh..they were doin' some spites to us.. as well as we did to them :D
    so once, when we were making snowmen, they started a "snow-balls-war".. hah... they were just boys, and we were mostly girls... but we won it.. heh... an celebrated it with that Queen song "we are the champions".. and our natioanl anthem.. i know you can't feel it so as I do.. but trust me, we were so proud we won it.. and our professors told us, we moved them by that anthem... huh.. I'm so happy I'm Czech.. :)
    just wanted to say this.. :)
  2. Ann-Akim

    Ann-Akim Member

    its a very good feeling, i want to be a patriot too but i have no root. And your Country is a wonderful place( with wonderful culture)
  3. JanaXGIRL

    JanaXGIRL Senior Member

    yey, you know my country? cool.. :) heh.. yeah, I love my country... and If I ever say I wanna leave.. I want.. but also, wanna come back after some time...
  4. Ann-Akim

    Ann-Akim Member

    yes i visited your country last summer :)
  5. Cool. :) As long as you don't start hating everyone who's NOT from the Czech Republic... ;)

    But anyway, I personally think feeling proud of being from where you are, or what colour you have, is kind of nonsense. I mean, one takes pride in ACHIEVEMENTS. What did you have to achieve to be born where you were? Nothing! you didn't even get to choose it yourself!

    So no patriotism or nationalism for me. :) But I think as long as it leaves only positive feelings there's nothing wrong with it at all.
  6. seamonster66

    seamonster66 discount dracula

    I'm with hail to the king.......

    resorting to pride in where you are from is like grasping for anything you can to hold onto.

    I'm a drifter at heart.
    I used to hang out with a girl from Brno, Czech republic..she was pretty cool. but had a problem with cutting herself on purpose.
  7. happyhippyflower

    happyhippyflower Sucker Punch


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