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    I must've registered here years ago and never posted!! I can't remember, I was active on theshroomery, and the erowid boards, as well as all kind of music sites...but not at all anymore. I was just looking through my old e-mails for naked pictures of my ex-wife, and I found you lovely people again!


    Everybody calls me Toad, my real name is a secret for now, I suppose, but not a big one. I'm one of those starving artist types you hear about, although I also make a lot of money playing piano and guitar at weddings, funerals, and parties, but it's not steady. I'm enrolled in online college, finally, for the 3rd time at 34, and I'm a psych major. I live on the gulf of mexico, in south texas. Body of christ, you might say...we tried to roll him back into the water but he was too heavy. I seem to be a natural rule-tester, questioner, philosopher, bard, mediator, optimist, etc... but as a result, a natural hypochondriac, timewaster, basket-case (have you ever seen an optimist fall apart?) and I get too self-absorbed -- too internal, and the only thing in there to unravel is me, by default.

    I talk a lot. Even my fingers, yes. Highly linguistic, aural learner. I take notes with a voice recorder. Or no voice recorder; but the act of vocalizing the pieces I want to retain works with my internal hard drive somehow... The beauty of text based conversation is that no one has to listen to anyone else jabber on and on, unless they WANT TO!!! Nobody can say "that's not what I said!", unless they prove it!! It's not so bad, this unnavigable gulf of binary silence between us...
    If there is one thing I've learned, it's this:

    You CANNOT be alone.

    you can not be alone.

    ....now I know I'm not the only musician around, with the subject matter we've got around here!

    Anyone here ever tried to rap? I have, recently, and, considering my general skill level, I am surprised at the difficulty level...

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