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    Yea, I don't want to watch people piss. It's just not my thing. No judging though, rock on as you see fit.
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  2. What about air traffic controllers, train controllers, Teachers, day care workers? Those who care for the elderly or sick? Nurses and doctors. Many nurses are known to steal drugs. I actually know of a pharmacist who would steel the morphine of cancer patients, pretty awful imo. I do think politicians should get drug testing and it be made public,

    Is it ok to check someone’s criminal record? I would want to know or feel a little better knowing that the ones looking after children are not rapists, molesters etc... drunk or addicts. or the one driving the car is licenced and doesn’t drink and drive should I call a cab or on something. Or the guy installing locks and security systems. I would also want to know this for politicians, especially since they get a free pass. They are untouchable.

    I see people pissing all the time outside for some reason. Maybe they think they are invisible or maybe I am.
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    I think you need to narrow that window. People are alcoholic or drug addicted for life. If they are in recovery, they are no more a risk to your children than you are. Convicted child molesters should not be in child care positions: that is a paraphelia that is very problematic, for life. Statistics vary on repeat offenses of formerly jailed rapists and molesters. Some show their recidivism is below 3%. However, only about 35% of molestation and rape cases are reported and successfully prosecuted. The fact is most child molestation and general rapes are performed by people who are related to or known to the victims and these people are most often not reported and never prosecuted. Teens who are the same age and consent to having sex with each other may be listed as sex offenders. That's just the sex/jail stuff. Testing people in life and death power jobs, who handle drugs sounds rational. But why has it not been happening? Are taxi and Uber drivers drug tested? Criminal backgrounds checked on security system installers? These mainly sound like simple, straightforward ideas. But should former offenders always be roped off as bad risks? Be denied jobs. How will they ever be reintegrated into society? What drugs impair users in their workplace duties.. Or at what amounts? These are serious ideas to consider in the drug testing venue. Of course no one should be using heroin and being an air traffic controller, teacher or day care worker. But perhaps one or the other of these people has chronic pain and has a prescription for an opiod. There would need to be a DSM bible for such testing. It would take years to devise and implement.
  4. If someone has or is a recovering addict for life they are, a struggle constantly for some things., and are in a position where being under the influence of something can hinder their ability to do their job, the testing is on everyone, not just ones with a previous addiction and this be done on a regular basis, say every three months or something like that.

    I don’t want to put my money in a bank, and handing my money over to say a convicted bank robber. Background checks are a necessary thing, as is drug testing for certain positions. There are many jobs that background checks are not neccessary, and I understand your point regarding many molestations and rapes are not reported, but many are too. Checking to see if that is in their background can not hurt. Won’t solve it happening but has the potential to prevent it from happening in some cases. Everyone is checked is the point on this. All equal. Regarding chronic pain, there is exceptions to things and if you are taking oxy and an air traffic controller it might be time to retire or take more time off until you have recovered.

    Now This happened in my city school board. Female teacher In her 40s was having sex with 15 year old boy. You know what the board did with her? Moved her out of the school room, promoted her to a board committee where she made a 6 figure salary. Her job was to review claims of sexual assaults for the board of ed and molestation accusations. She would decide if the person is fired, suspended with pay, etc.
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    Well, since the board did nothing about her actions... I am baffled. Was she convicted of sex with a minor or not? You cannot say this woman was guilty unless she was prosecuted and a jury of her peers, from evidence presented, determined she was guilty. Doesn't sound like this happened. A REPORT does not indicate innocence or guilt. It's he/she said. But reports must lead to charges that lead to prosecution. Otherwise there must be no assumptions of guilt...
  6. Oh she admitted to it, they didn’t take it to court because the boy, it went on for 2 years, it would have gone to trial he would have been over 18. I know she was guilty, she admitted it. The parents found out and contacted the school and that is how it went. The kid didn’t hide it as he got older. Was proud to be getting some ass. He was groomed. And I kno2 what became of her. 100 percent true. Promoted and moved out of the class room only to be put in a position where she gets to hide these incidences for others. It was a losing case simply because he was male, tall and no jury would have sympathized with him completely. He is a young man. There is a teachers report, news type booklet in Toronto senads to all teachers employed with the board, that tells of accusations of such things and how they are dealt with and the findings.
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    OK. That is a creepy case where someone took advantage of a teen and he was too young to think it was what it was. He was not raped, but was molested. Very odd school board did nothing to her. But if her confession was not a police confession she could not be prosecuted for it. She told board and they decided (probably since it was a boy and parents didn't press formal poice charges) to do nothing further. There is the flip flop in case of boys vs. girls. Unfortunate. Having her decide on similar cases seems so bizarre I don't know what to make of it...
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    After my dad got back from Vietnam he took a job at a food stamp office, around 1970 I think. That was our only source of income. For the hell of it he applied for food stamps and was surprised to find out he qualified. Kind of ironic. He only got $2, though.
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