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Discussion in 'Salvia Divinorum' started by psychedelicsmoke, May 21, 2004.

  1. hi everyone, man ive been trying to post on this group forever, ive read so many experiences and relate so much, salvia has changed my life-out of everything ive done in my life-she simply blows me away,i mean how do you compare 12 hour trips with a 5 minute one and honestly say those 5 minutes could never be explained like the other experiences- i have had a greater spiritual connection and understanding,since the first time trying i could feel its power,others talk of not feeling any effects or enlightenment , so i take it as a gift that she has opened up to me and let me in, i have felt her presence many times but have only seen the sheperdhess twice, once after salvia and another without any use ,she popped right into my closed eyes before sleeeping,so real---i dont think ill ever have the words to describe all the things that have happened ,i believe sometimes there just are no words-salvia has touched my life in a way no other thing has and ive devoted myself to the research and finding others like me that use it for the right purpose--its so fascinating to me how much similiar my storys are to others from communicating with other beings,time loops,feeling as though you are an object,or looking at yourself in another view as though you were someone you didnt know before arriving in your meat suit,lol,etc- i hope to meet and talk with more of you i have started a group on yahoo for others to share and relate especially in a chat environment where there is always someone to talk to if anyone ever feels like chatting my yahoo name is the same on messenger psychedelicsmoke - im glad to meet all of you peace and enlightenment-------http://groups.yahoo.com/group/salviajourneyz/
    i always
    seem to meet this group of entities that feel like friends buddys
    and we are always laughing, after my second hit 5x counting
    backwards i started feeling me kinda roll out from under myself and started
    feeling the different dimensions like trading places with my other
    self or mirror self, everything looked backwards even the words on my cigarettes, i felt myself going into a loop
    inside my body like it wanted to do a complete 360 and i would
    only return to myself or learn if i completed the loop but i didnt
    smoke anymore because it reminded me of last time that i completed
    loop i thought i was lost in a memory and repeating same motion over
    and over.that maybe myself had moved on leaving me as a thought-- the first time i broke through was one of the most
    amazing experiences of my life-i layed on bed after about second hit
    5x i was there sitting in what i thought to be a bus but it was
    larger inside and these entities were sitting there but they seemed
    familiar like we hang out every day, so we were talkin cant remember exactly
    what and laughing then they showed me this bubble like object which
    was myself in the real world and we looked at it(me) like an unfamiliar
    object but something we do everyday(like a game of jumping in bodys that here seems like a while but on that plane only last for seconds), then they told me my name and
    sorta showed me clips from my life and said thats where im going,
    then i jus broke out in laughter and said -are you serious-your
    gonna put me there into him? they said yeah and was laughing and i
    was laughing about this weird meat suit i was about to be put into
    then it felt like a conveyor belt and i came back to my body ,i sat
    up and thought oh shit how am i supposed to act like someone i dont
    even know who,(who is this person i just went in too?) then slowly it started coming back-- i i stumbled to the couch mumbling i need air then oh shit oh shit that did not happen it cant be true-but that
    experience has put everything ive ever done in a different category,
    i thought i knew a lot about pyschedelics till i met sally..im still
    in awe!
  2. redgreenvines

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    very interesting account!

    this morning I met a shopkeeper with beard and glasses, but he did not talk I looked around - lots of wood shelves and things - then the whole village dissolved again.
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    You have given me good advice before. I am having trouble breaking through. The closest expirence I have has was the feeling of hands grabing me all over and pushing me towards the sky. Lasted 2 minutes. This is the trouble i am having. I have 10x at home I load it into my waterpipe and take a hit but it always seemd to be to much. I have wimpy lungs and can't take the huge hits you guys do. Can I take small hits in succesion and will that work just as good as 1 or 2 big hits? You told me before that Lady Salvia will show herself when she want me to see her and that I do not need to try so hard. The way I set up is I turn down the lights in my room, flip on my red light, turn on my celing fan and then I prepare my self and say a few words to Lady Salvia to help me have a good journey. Here is one other problem. No matter how small of a hit I take for my water pipe the smoke burns my throat badly for a couple of seconds. Could it be the quality of the Salvia? I am a smoker but dang this stuff just burns. ANy suggestions? I am going to keep trying no matter what, the feeling I have for Lady S are strong the even though I have only slightly peered through the door I am still happy to have found this new life. Thank you
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    psychedelic smoke—
    wow, just reading your experience has put me into a somewhat different experience... I didn't understand what you were talking about at first—meat suit etc., but now... wow... what a difference. I am feeling more free with all these different perspectives
    so thank you

  6. wow glad to have helped you,not sure what i did but gld to help;)

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