weirdest thing youve seen on tv while trippin

Discussion in 'Psychedelics' started by crackforkids, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. crackforkids

    crackforkids Senior Member

    ok, i know the title is a little long, but you gotta hear this shit. i had eaten mass shrooms again with my buddy, after a long night of damn near losing our egos and shit we calm down. what do we see on tv but a paid programming for atopsy utinsels!!! swear to god!!! this was not a hallucination nor was it psychosis, i am sure of what i saw. needless to say it weirded us out! what is our world comming to?
    what have you seen?
  2. backtothelab

    backtothelab Senior Member

    I don't watch tv much, but when I do, I'm not in my right mind. I like alot of old cartoons, like old tom and jerry or really old cartoons, with dancing trees that talk and cars that wink at you.
  3. Good shit!
  4. spinelli

    spinelli Member

    Beauty, a new set of autopsy utensils
    I need to update my current kit, I got like way back , I think 9th B'day
    the blades on my swords have lost their fine razor sharpness, and I lost my forceps when I was camping last year and my chisel's now being used to scrape the crap of the BBQ
    u know how it is, anyway how much were they first?
  5. Jetblack

    Jetblack Senior Member

    i dont wtach tv wen i trip it always seems annoying whilew tripping
  6. Fractual_

    Fractual_ cosmos factory

    i used to watch yogi bear a lot when i was robo-trippin... i never really understood it though, looking back on it.
  7. Autentique

    Autentique wonderfabulastic

    I only watch tv when I'm smoking weed.. I always end up watching this random programs.. nothing special, just start changing the channels until I find something that get my "atention". I usually end up watching videos, lots of weird commercials, watch people play nintendo or something... The weirdest thing I've seen was this japanese informecial that was advertsing this weird lotions that made scars dissapear :confused: ... it was funny as hell to watch that.
  8. i was watching a movie and in this one scene, i kept seeing my uncle. everytime they would go back to this one camera angle, i would see my uncle in the backround. i was concentrating hard and still saw him clearly. i watched that part of the movie the next day, and my uncle wasn't there anymore. that was weird cause, i knew i was trippin but even when i woke up i still thought my uncle was in the movie. and i still can picture him perfectly on the tv... lol
  9. twoseeeyes

    twoseeeyes Member

    There was a commercial for a hydroponics store at 3 AM, and I thought I saw the setup with 20ft tall marijuana plants, it was like snow white with crystals on the ground, it was crazy. Turns out I watched the same commercial, pretty much around the same time on a different day, and shit it was nothing like it!

    King of the Hill, a cool show to watch tripping. Easy on the eyes.
  10. I was flippin through the channels looking for something cool to watch after I ate some mushrooms. I was gonna watch Apocalypse Now cause I heard it was cool to watch while shroomin, but I was too lazy to get up and put it in the DVD player, lol. But anyways, I ended up watching Anaconda. It was trippin me out, with all the plants and trees at different focus levels. I definitley recomend this.
  11. BoeJiglin

    BoeJiglin Member

    On halloween, after an MMW concert we were sitting in my uncles apartment... first there was this public acsess television show with a guy playing piano but the footage was all like chopped up and inserted were frames of cat puppets and amature WWF style wrestling and all kinds of crazy shit... I can not describe the sheer rediculousness of this hour... then a transvestite party line commercial came on and it was all over... uncontrolable laughter almost pissed my pants, damn odd things on tv at 3 am on halloween night in NYC
  12. Psilodelix

    Psilodelix Member

    I usually do not watch TV espicially if I'm tripping with other people, TV is a big downer. Before I left Hawaii though I got to stay in a hotel room for a few days and had the chance eat some mush-honey there.

    I watched almost all of berverly hills cop and thought is was interesting and funny in it's own way :) . But then I made my way to the beach for the sunset in hawaii on shrooms... definatly the highlight of the trip.
  13. Alexandria

    Alexandria Member

    ooh...I hate to watch tv while I am tripping. But one time I was 'shroomin with a friend and our other friends were not tripping at all so they had the tv on...I dont know what show it was but there were these two african american men on tv standing in front of a car having a conversation. Suddenly my friend (the one on shrooms) points at the tv and yells "Winnie the pooh! Its WINNIE THE POOH!" We all sort of looked at her....looked at the tv... and said "no, thats a man" And she said "NOOOOOOOOOOO! ITS WINNIE THE POOH! OMG AND TIGGER TOO!" I dunno, it was really funny for days afterward....guess you had to be there.
  14. i watch music videos alot on the tv, but was trippin the hardest i ever had one time and i flipped on basketball and the trails were awesome but for some reason when it was gettin intense i though the announcers were talkin about me and the situation i was in. but we dont want to get into that trip.
  15. madboy139

    madboy139 Member

    one time while tripping on mescaline i saw don king in my cigarette. like the ash was his fro. it wasn't on tv but thats the craziest shit i ever saw.
  16. JamminOTR

    JamminOTR Member

    God these stories are great. I love hearing shit like this. I watched Family Guy one time trippin bagoonias, fuckin crazy. Their heads were blowing up like balloons and their voices were coming through a tunnel. Couldn't take it very long though...had to go outside.
  17. EddieV1984

    EddieV1984 Member

    The craziest (worst) thing ive ever seen on tv was the Enzyte commercial with the dude and hes got teh huge smile...i saw it at 4 oclock in teh morning while peaking on acid. Very Strange.
  18. Psilodelix

    Psilodelix Member

    the human face
  19. crackforkids

    crackforkids Senior Member

    hey that enzyte shit is hillarious. ive seen some weird shit. 3 am on cable is prime for shitty acting and softcore porn. i mean, i dont spend a trip watchin porn lol, but i always see the CRAZIEST ones when im trippin. like "play-mate of the apes" hahaha or "lord of the g-strings" thay had "dildo saggins" and "ballem".... its not my gig but its funny to stuble upon.

    in one episode of family guy, the dog gets addicted to cocaine. and they're all types of drugs in the simpsons.....
  20. DarkLunacy

    DarkLunacy Senior Member

    Ren and Stimpy

    "POWDERED! TOAST! MAN! -strobes me into convulsions-"

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