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Discussion in 'Birth Control' started by JKH, Aug 23, 2013.

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    My husband and I had unprotected about 4 weeks ago, it was completely unplanned and spontaneous. I had just had my period a few days prior and mentioned that he was lucky I wasnt fertile, because he pulled out the night before but got a spurt or two of cum on the outside of my pussy. After I told him he got a wild hair and told me he wanted to cum inside me. We have four kids and arent trying for any more, even though I do want another.

    I climbed ontop and rode him without using any birthcontrol, I could tell he was getting close so I told him to pull out like he usually does... he said no and kept thrusting himself into me until he came.

    Whats weird is he didnt have any concern I was gonna get pregnant or regret after he pulled out. In the back of my mind I thought that he probably did.

    two weeks after I started having alot of nausea, feeling bloated, I told him I thought I was pregnant. He asked how it was possible seeing we did it so close to my period... I didnt have an answer.

    I started bleeding last week for days... a week before my period usually starts.

    I took 2 pregnancy tests which were both negative. I felt pregnant, I've been preggo more than four times before so I think I have a pretty good understanding of my body. How could I get pregnant when I was so far from ovulating??

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