weird event in dreams--my teeth are loose or fall out!

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by yesplease, Jan 8, 2005.

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    so i've had some dreams before where my teeth are loose and fall out...they make a weird noise when it happens *shudder* and i know that i need to get to the dentist soon to get it fixed...but i usually wake up before that. any suggestions on what that means?!?!
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    yesplease, it is a bit like with second dentition when what seemed old and worn out just changes in front of you, to make place for another surprise.

    So you too are just changing, and preparing for more changes from the spiritual level down to the physical where you find your teeth are biting the dust.

    Watch out for issues that feel like in need to be fixed in the events of your conscious life ... and try and look from a spiritual angle, and reach beyond the fears of change. Be aware of your tools, as you may want to change them. Fear can be a tool, but so is detachment, and the kinda earthy humour life loves to respond you with.

    Imagine you are free to be your own best tooth specialist ever, and are free to let them go as well. In this you are complete, be it with or without teeth.

    Just a suggestion, and thank you for sharing !

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