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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by reb.V, Jan 16, 2005.

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    In my dream I was at school and the whole school was forced to go into 3 different class rooms. everyone was going into 2 main rooms, so i decided to go into the class that had hardly anyone going in there. but when i went in there was only one person. a guy who i find cute and he had his shirt off. it was very ackward and i just sat down. before anything else could happen i woke up.

    it kind of confused me, if anyone can, what did it mean?
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    Hi reb.V

    here is a suggestion ... as sometimes it is the answers we get that confuse most, to questions we forgot it was ourselfes who put them out. So what is the question, and what is it you want to know ... where will the matters of heart take you ... and will they take you beyond the fearful and grand expectations, so that you may you find your own true self and center of who you are.

    And so he just came to reflect your own strange self that is being drawn to know who you are, while you are changing on.

    The answers come with the reflections that tell you that you are as strange, weird, vulnerable, and wonderful confusing. But in your heart, you know, and are not really distracted.

    And it is not confined to dreams alone, nor is it confined to waking life.

    Ok please know this is just an idea ... but you are the one who knows better always as you create all your dreams, daydreams and realities tangled and woven around.

    Thank you for sharing.

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