Weight Gain??? Because of weed?

Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by Chronic_Glass_Masta, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Chronic_Glass_Masta

    Chronic_Glass_Masta I like turtles

    Alright so i have been smokin for a while but i didnt start smoking daily till around last june
    i was about 5'9 and i was about 155 pounds,
    by september, i was the same hieght and 170 pounds
    now its februrary 09 and im 6'0 and i weigh 191 pounds, and i look a bit chubby
    wich is odd considering ive been a really skinny kid growing up
    but i think this has to do with my food intake,
    which in turn has to with the munchies(whom i am a horrible victim of)
    i just cant stop eating when im high, wich is all the time!!!!!!!1
    so does anyone else have this problem, or does anyone know how to solve it, because i love gettin baked, but i wanna cut down all the junk food.
  2. Just stop eating so much junk food and start exercising and you will get back to a healthier weight.

    But honestly at 14 you don't really need to worry about weight loss unless you are bulging out of already ginormous size clothes, which chubby doesn't fall under.
  3. Thories

    Thories Member

    Get hooked on fruit. the sugars in the fruit are pretty good for the munchies and not as bad for you as most snacky foods.
  4. Chronic_Glass_Masta

    Chronic_Glass_Masta I like turtles

    ok thanks for the advice, and the reason im concerned is because at the rate i eat food it won't stop...ill keep gaining
  5. Wiseman

    Wiseman Senior Member

    Ha. The munchies are killing you ;)

    It doesn't seem like it'd make too much of a difference. Maybe just try snacking on fruit or carrots or something that's decently healthy.
  6. You've never heard of puberty?
  7. Bad.Fish

    Bad.Fish Sex wee pon de babylon

    its puppy fat, will dissapear as you mature, happens to a lot of people. I wouldnt worry about it man
  8. Buddha Fish

    Buddha Fish wanderin' fish

    you should eat a meal before you smoke so that you don't get hungry and then just make sure you don't eat anythig when you're high or else you won't be able to stop. at school i never have anything to eat unless i pay for it and i'm always broke so when i smoke i just don't eat and i lose a lot of weight becuase weed raises your metabolism.
  9. Subliminal89

    Subliminal89 A Tokémon Master

  10. sebbie

    sebbie Member

    If you are worried about weight gain, try to do some more exercise and eat a healthier balanced diet. As with munchies i could set out the healthiest meal in the world but if i didnt feel like eating it there would be no point. When i have munchies i eat what i want not what i should!
  11. fuzz_acid_flowers

    fuzz_acid_flowers Aqueou§ Transmi§§ion

    just eat right :)
  12. weedwhacker

    weedwhacker TFM Bro!

    you can use the munchies to your advantage, while I was in school soccer I used to just bring a huge bag of lettuce and a bunch of ranch dressing up to my room, and eat away. anything tastes good while you're high
  13. chemigals

    chemigals They call me Chemi

    yeah your only young chill out,its prob just you being paranoid?
  14. Padme

    Padme Member

    I've heard that some doctors give pot to AIDS patients to help them gain weight as it increases appetite, so it could be possible if you're smoking the blunt everyday.
  15. Mr.Writer

    Mr.Writer Senior Member

    I'm surprised this is even being discussed like it's strange. Of course you'll gain weight on marijuana. Marijuana increases your apetite, dramatically. When you have a bigger apetite, you tend to eat. Eating causes weight gain. Where is the mystery here?

    If you can't control your eating on marijuana, like I can't, like my friends cant, then simply be an adult and make a choice; Do I want to get high all the time, or do I want to get high SOME of the time and stay in shape?

    Whichever you choose, be happy with it, and power to you :)
  16. chemigals

    chemigals They call me Chemi

    yeah well before you get stoned buy loads of semi healthy food to eat instead.

    Then you have no choice what you eat.

    Unless you go to the shop stoned thats a killer! But I for one would not leave the comfort of house whilst wankered.
  17. burnabowl

    burnabowl Dancing Tree

    i have a theory that cannabis brings out visceral and often neglected human needs. as a culture that is chronically undernourished and underrested, it would make sense that we get tired and hungry after blazing. by undernourished i don't mean underfed, just that we don't get the proper amounts of vitamins and nutrients due to what we eat.

    eating junk food doesn't feed the body in any valuable way, so the munchies keep flaring up because you aren't putting the kind of food in there that your body is asking for. i find I don't get the munchies much at all since I eat pretty healthy, and since I'm in the habit of exercising weed makes me want to be active.

    these typical pot symptoms are more reflections on us rather than inherent characteristics of the herb :^J
  18. yea lay off the chips and you'll be good
  19. Chronic_Glass_Masta

    Chronic_Glass_Masta I like turtles

    yeah well i try ill this but for example, if i walk into a supermarket, and i see a bunch of fruits for like 6 bucks, it seems easier to just buy chips and shit. but whatever, im sure i could start eating healthier.
  20. PhishheadDeadhead

    PhishheadDeadhead Senior Member

    i think that's mostly because the patients don't hardly eat at all so actually pigging out might be good for them.

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