Weed Milk?

Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by ZBChrist, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. ZBChrist

    ZBChrist Member

    I read online a while ago that because marijuana is fat soluable, you can put weed into whole milk, and after letting it sit with occaisonal stirring for a while, you can filter out the remainder of the weed and you can get high from drinking the milk.

    I thought I remembered reading about specific weed:milk ratios. I can not find where I read about that, but I would like to attempt it. Does anybody know about this? Could anyone tell me the weed:milk ratio?
  2. ya cuz the fats from milk extract the thc. Like if you put milk in your water pipe instead of water the milk will extract the thc and you wont get as high.
  3. Sycth

    Sycth Member

    so if you then drink the milk will you get more high??
  4. Spastic_Monkey

    Spastic_Monkey Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    I doubt it, it would probably taste like shit too....plus what would be the point, if you use milk in a bong it won't get you high, and even if it does you will just be barely buzzing because the milk will absorb most of the THC, which means that you would have inhaled smoke for no reason at all, which doesn't sound too fun to me...
  5. forest_pixie84

    forest_pixie84 Senior Member

    sounds like it does a body good! eh? huh?

    (and there was silence)
  6. Spastic_Monkey

    Spastic_Monkey Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    Well...you made me laugh, if that counts for anything :)
  7. ZBChrist

    ZBChrist Member

    I still can't find anything that tells me how much weed I need... I was gonna go grab a gallon of milk and try to throw a half ounce of good stuff in there, but then I got worried that it wasn't enough, but I don't want to throw too much of it in there either.

    Let me know if anyone sees anything online about this...
  8. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    you people are misinformed, especially the monkey. milk has fat in it. but fat does not dissolve well at normal temperature. milk is not even completely fat, its relativlely little actually.

    you need to heat it up. milk in your bong wold just leave your bong with a wierd taste and stain it with milk and the milk would look really disgusting and smell worse. drinking the milk would be worse than bong water i can imagine, and if it actually did absorb the thc, it would get you high, but do you want to drink bong milk? why not just use water? why would you want to smoke most of the thc and ingest a small portion of it in lots of horrible bong milk?

    the ratio of weed to milk means very little, but remember that the more milk you use, the more effectively it will absorb the thc but the more milk you need to drink. and drinkning copious amounts of milk does not always end up nicely.

    but remember to simmer the milk, not just chuck in weed while its cold

    as lotus said, look up recipe for bhang
  9. PhysicTrip

    PhysicTrip Member

    do you just let it sit or do you have to boil it?
  10. juggla

    juggla Member

    try putting chocolate syrup in it before u drink it, chocolate milk will proberly take away the nasty milk mixed with weed taste.
  11. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    psychic?did you read what i just wrote?

    though i dont think it would taste that bad, with the weed. why do people always make it out to be like that?weed tastes nice
  12. Spastic_Monkey

    Spastic_Monkey Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

    How was what I said different from what you said? I am misinformed by thinking that it would taste like shit? You said yourself taht it wouldn't get you high, and I said the same thing...oh well...
  13. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    no, you said it wouldnt get you high, i said that that the milf would barely absorb the thc though i proposed the outcome if it were to absorb enough thc for you to notice.
  14. Spastic_Monkey

    Spastic_Monkey Hip Forums Supporter HipForums Supporter

  15. :D he said milf
  16. WayfaringStranger

    WayfaringStranger Corporate Slave #34

    i dont know why you would try it, milk is nasty tasting. milk scalds at 170 degrees to, so then it will taste bad. id just make some ganja butter and spoon it in your coffee, mmmmmmmmmm.
  17. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    why are you heating the milk to 170 degrees??

    sorry you're using farenheight eh?
  18. Micha

    Micha Now available in Verdana!

    ah haha..
    I caught that too...

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