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Discussion in 'America Attacks!' started by newo, Jan 19, 2005.

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    Here's a thread I posted in December 2001:

    Now what? [​IMG]

    Well, the war appears to be winding down. The Taliban is beaten, and all that's left is to find Osama bin Laden. The trail appears to be cold. Captured al-Qaida soldiers say that he's shaved off his beard (disrespectful toward the Taliban, don't you think?) and there are rumors that he's had plastic surgery. Still, the bastard is 6'5", making it hard for him to blend in.

    Will we find him, or will he join Jimmy Hoffa and Amelia Earhardt among those who have disappeared from the Earth?
    One of his wives said he would commit suicide on TV if it came down to it. I'd like to see him kill himself on pay-per-view, with the proceeds going toward rebuilding Afghanistan, not that I expect that to happen.

    So what's going to happen in 2002? Will we go to war with Iraq next? Will there be more terrorist attacks? Will our fearless leader Dubya be able to maintain his current popularity without a war to distract Americans from realizing that he's a doofus? Will John "sieg heil" Ashcroft be taken seriously, or will he be discredited as Joe McCarthy was? Will the economy recover anytime soon? America is at a crossroads, and I'm very concerned about the direction we're going to take.

    Three years later and we haven't found bin Laden, but he lets us know from time to time that he's still alive and well. Bush would not have been able to maintain his popularity without a war, so we did go to war with Iraq. There haven't been any more major terrorist attacks on American soil but overseas is a different story. Ashcroft is gone, somewhat discredited but seen as a hero by many. As for the economy it depends on who you ask: President Bush who points to the dropping unemployment rate or someone who's accepted a job paying half of what they used to earn. So where did we go from the crossroads - forward, backward, sideways, or did we drive into a ditch? Or could it be that we're still at that crossroads, stuck in idle?

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