We Are Betrayed

Discussion in 'Protest' started by nuttbakedgirl, May 23, 2007.

  1. well the WTO and world bank stopped their meeting and announced that the riots had convinced them that world sentiment was against their proposals, dropped the debt in Africa that was after rioters managed to overpower all the security and got to the politicians

    read my thread on riot vids its all in there but you people dont even have the balls to look

    I really gotta stop talking to americans they really are just a tad agressive too aggressive about being greedy, nationalistic and patriotic - hmmm nexttheyll all be saluting zeich heil !
  2. gardener

    gardener Realistic Humanist

    Why don't you give us a link to this important information. I don't really think it changed their agendas. I've seen your other thread it calls for senseless violence that only leads to the discounting of actual arguments against their principles. They hold up their actual voting until after violent protests, only to pass the same things protested behind closed doors at a later date without publicity or public disclosure. Whereas if the protesters actually had meaningful arguments and presented them without violence perhaps the arguments would hold more weight and be held media worthy.
  3. screw the agenda of capitalists = anarchists are beyond their control - capitalism is not yet on its knees but it wont take much longer to get it there !
    by capitalism I relly do mean these mafia gangster organisations that call themselves "government"

    Sick of the corrupt mafia - get up and rebel against it !

    I live off you
    And you live off me
    And the whole world
    Lives off of everybody

    See we gotta be exploited
    See we gotta be exploited
    By somebody by somebody
    By somebody

    The cat eats the rat
    While the pimp beats the whore
    As she just screams out
    For more and more

    See we gotta be exploited
    See we gotta be exploited
    By somebody by somebody
    By somebody
  4. Keep living in your fantasy land. You will always be living on the fringes of society. No, scratch that, I doubt you even have the intestinal fortitude to live on the fringe of society. I'd love to see how much involvement you've really even had in these riots that you seem to worship.

    I love punk music, possibly more than you, though more for musical reasons than political. In fact, the men who were the most integral to forming the punk scene, out of all musicians in history, Johnny Thunders, Richard Hell and Iggy Pop and other Americans, were not even political in their views.

    Oh and the Sex Pistols could not hold a candle to the New York Dolls or Heartbreakers, musically or otherwise. They had a somewhat charismatic frontman who is now a bitter old man who's act has grown boring, and a pretty damn good guitarist in Steve Jones. Jones and Paul Cook were the most musical members of the band, and they weren't political.

    You ought to worship the ground guys like Lou Reed, Johnny Thunders, Richard Hell, Iggy Pop, and Johnny Ramone walked on because your UK groups shamelessly nicked their sound and style, and failed to even go as far as they did with it.

    If not for American heroin addicts, you wouldn't even be the same person you are today, I doubt you'd even know the definition of anarchy. I wonder how much of your anarchistic obsession is linked to your Johnny Thunders copycat groups.

    American groups have always taken your British sound and done better with it. All you have is the accent, and it's easy enough to impersonate. After all the important musical contributions you borrowed from us, blues and jazz and rock and roll and hip hop, the accent does not really amount to much.

    We suffer more but we create more. We're a nation of extremist geniuses who all struggle with each other (because we have the right to speak out and create) and a wonderous balance is created. It's that simple, there's the formula for America's greatness for you.

    Now please, quote more songs sung by Johnny Thunders copycats and tell us how greedy and ignorant we are. You're an amusing character.
  5. snorkle arf - honk hoot ! hahahahaha
    the revolution will not be sold to me - !!!

    I will not be subjected to your fear of freedom !

    you listen to your pop records if you like but we're all going to rostock

    click my sig to see what the rostock riots really looked like rather than what they show you on the mafia box news
  6. Pop records. Oooh, vicious. This coming from a guy quoting The Jam.

    You want to turn to rock music for your arguments, but the guys you were quoting were all successful capitalists.
  7. I was quoting them because all of those songs had one thing in common
    can you guess what it is ?????

    The Commune of Europe will be borne of 30,000 people in Rostock who riot

    Of the 240,000 who threw stones at Genoa, turin, and Barcelona

    of the 125,000 in madrid
    the 6,000 in seattle

    oh its not a fantasy - its real ok ! and none of the anticapitalist groups is going to back down ever !!!!

    BTW all those songs had one thing in common - dont forget to see if you can uncover what they have in common ! something that the composer built into them !

    Bye Bye bacon !
  8. Zoomie

    Zoomie My mom is dead, ok?

    Oral-genital copulation?
  9. scratcho

    scratcho Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Yes,lets snap some plastic--maybe break some windows--let's get the pigs to bust some of our heads!!!Fuckin hell,I've heard this shit for decades.If anyone thinks for a minute that the "one's who rule"would stand idly by and actually refrain from slaughtering as many humans as it took to put down a TRUE rebellion--then they haven't been around long enough to see how things lay out.They'll rue the fuckin' day the shit comes down on their craniums.Oh well --fun while it lasts.-----And don't ask me to explain shit---life is "on the job training".and paradise is just beyond the horizen.I'm sure of it.
  10. Right. If this little revolution of yours actually posed a threat to the established order of things, those in power would exterminate the movement.

    The hippies posed much more of a threat because their movement was constructive and not destructive. It was simply far more appealing to a wider range of people than what you're talking about.

    Your movement is shortsighted and foolish. Yeah fuck the system, let's bring it down! Okay, then what? I have a lot of faith in the potential of mankind and that we will live together one day as equals, but not now. I say we have much growing to do as a civilization to arrrive at that state, but we've made progress. I can see marked progress in western civilization, in a technological sense as well as a social sense. As for the rest of the world, that is a completely different animal.

    You know, to be frank with you, you and your movement are a tiny minority and if you even had enough power to produce the sting of a mosquito on the arm of capitalism, you would be swatted out of existence. I think you have an inflated sense of the power of this movement and in a few years you will be extremely dissapointed.

    Communism was viewed as a threat because it was an attractive movement that held promise. Your whole theory is held together under wishful thinking, that without rules and regulations we will do just fine. I believe that there does not have to be such a thing as human nature, we create yourself through our thoughts and actions. But do you believe bringing down the walls will really result in instant peaceful utopia?

    "Oh I am sorry gays/blacks/jews for hating you, without these laws in place to stop me from killing you I suddenly see the err of my ways. Here, let's have a hug now that we're all free."

    An instantaneous switch from democracy to anarchy would be disastrous. You're still dealing with the same people, with the same backgrounds and mindsets. Only now they can all have their way.

    And again, I will keep asking it until someone answers me: which direction will the advancement of technology go without a complex system of commerce and competition to keep it growing?

    I think those filthy, greedy, corporations hold more importance than you realize. We have a system that, faulty or not, works. The majority of people in America are alive, breathing, and finding a way to make it work. Life sucks and people make shitty decisions that ruin their lives and the lives of others, but we are not all killing each other and hating life here.

    So what will you respond with, more pig jokes? More tired insults. Your repertoire is pretty limited from what I can see. All you can do is shout and scream about how great the riots will be and how Americans are pigs, and then run from under the burden of truth placed on your shoulders. Let's hear about your vision of life under anarchy for starters, paint me a rich and full portrait of life in paradise.

    And remember, technology. How will it figure into your plans for anarchy. Or are you so shortsighted that you don't realize how vital it is that we get off this planet eventually?

    Let's see how much you've really thought out life without corporations and laws.
  11. why are you so afraid of it !

    why are Americans always in denial about something or other. Its like they are born liars
    like they dont see what the rest of the world sees - or they just deny it I cant work you people out - I prefer Europeans they are more genuine, have a deeper understanding of their history and have a better education - aha that must be it - ok sorry for calling you guys morons etc - I realise its because you are uneducated
    and have a denial thing going on - I cant handle giving people links and stuff - it slows me down but just go to various sites and learn from impartial sources what the effects of the European anarchists have had on capitalist politics - the revolution need not be anything to do with how you imagine it - The revolution will be vastly different to how anyone conceives it right now - the outcome one way or another will not be like the french, or russian, revolution as no-one has a plan to rebuild, just to kick the USA out of Europe and basically take the power out of the hands of the european mafia -
  12. scratcho

    scratcho Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Well,still being in heavy denial,uneducated and a liar to boot,I wish you good luck in obtaining your goals.Just don't forget to duck.
  13. Zoomie

    Zoomie My mom is dead, ok?

    HAHAHAHAHA! I have to laugh at people who still think the US is solely responsible for the worldwide military-industrial complex.

    Kick us out of Europe, please. You have nothing we want. All our pizza is already made by Pakistani immigrants.
  14. Europe is big enough to deal with any situation on its own !
    We dont need overstuffed wimps guarding us !
    infact the reason anarchists would like to send the yanks home is because we just cant stand hearing you whine and whimper about everything rather than do something about it
    Also we prefer your flag revolutionary style with flames coming off it !
  15. mamaKCita

    mamaKCita fucking stupid.

    i have a gun because i hunt. i also have a bow. because i hunt.

    but i guess this means i'm going to go out and start killing people because i refuse to support the disgusting meat industry practices. good to know my character is so readable. i'm so relieved that i've been given the go ahead to kill anyone who doesn't look like me and disagrees with my free love practices. and bears. i hate bears.
  16. Zoomie

    Zoomie My mom is dead, ok?

    KC, that's what I love about you. Total openness and honesty.
  17. mamaKCita

    mamaKCita fucking stupid.

    i've already taken out one paki...okay, it was an alpaca. creepy, nasty things. only found out later i coulda bought it's wool at the store. silly silly me.
  18. Zoomie

    Zoomie My mom is dead, ok?

    You hurt an alpaca? How could you do that??? They're so gentle and loving.

    OK, they spit like a camel, but you can overlook that...
  19. White Scorpion

    White Scorpion 4umotographer

    Well done, Shaggie. You can always tell when the truth starts sipping out of the barrel around here. That's when all the CIA recruits come out of the woodwork, to ignore a valid post, and proceed to feel three pages of shit in order to divert the population's attention. You're fighting a losing battle, agents. The truth is sipping out from every direction, and once it starts flowing the media has no option but to publish or lose its revenue. Looks like capitalism has turned to bite its own arse! You better create more avatars and trolls, ladies. Not that it's going to save your jobs. Oops! Oh, you didn't know! Cutbacks are on the way. Cameras are cheaper and don't need life insurance. Guess you chose the wrong side.

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