We Are Betrayed

Discussion in 'Protest' started by nuttbakedgirl, May 23, 2007.

  1. White Scorpion

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    I don't know, Mike. Maybe it's the questions you're asking:)
  2. MikeE

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    My main point is that if we are going to do anything with this country, we'll have to do it through the existing power structures. Which will take a "lesser of two evils" approach at the start.

    Those who avocate "overthrowing the system" seem to fall into three catigories.

    1) Those who want to go live in the wild and let the world go to hell in its own way. They're nice folks, but most people like indoor plumbing and won't abandon it.

    2) The naive "If everyone realized what we're doing to the environment they'd stop" crowd.

    3) The most active (or at least the most vocal) system overthrowers tiptoe to the edge of calling for violent revolution. (Is is because they are afraid that the FBI is monitoring this site and will lock them up?)
    My quarell with them is that even though they claim they want to bring democracy to the people, they are as contemptuous of real people as the oppressors in Washington. "Its for their own good." "People don't really want SUV's, they've just been taught to want them." "The sheepul need to be led."
    I don't see them as being differently motivated than those in power. They are as willing to ignore what people want as the current folks in power. Same motivation, different wardrobe.

    I wish that those who trust their neighbors (even their Republican neighbors) had more control. But things seem to be moving away from trusting folks and towards making people be good.

    Well, I've got work in the morning. 'Nite.
  3. guy

    guy Senior Member

    i'd say the best way of changing the world is starting small

    make small changes to your life

    educate yourself if you can, make sure you have an education that will allow you to earn money that allows a lifestyle that doesn't mean being continually on the brink

    always vote in local elections.

    don't bring misery into the world

    realise that the government has essentially gone insane along with significant proportion of the population

    stay away from people connected with religion, their allegiance is to god not to the safety and welfare of men.

    console yourself with this....

    historically superpowers have always launched major wars and turned on their own people. the trick is this. if you live in america , keep a low profile. there will invariably come a time when you will personally feel that your life and liberty will be threatened, when this time comes, even in a small way, leave the country and go somewhere life and liberty are valued. if you educate yourself you will gain the skills and money that are necessary needed to leave quickly. a more modern example of this is the jews of germany and eastern europe, they stayed in danger because they thought it would all blow over plus they were making money there, big mistake. if you think america doesn't conform to world history and that the wind can't change quickly then you are fooling yourself.

    good luck
  4. Ha ha ha ha ! WOUHA HA HAAAAAAARRRRR ! Oh I get it, we keep voting to see if any of these parties give a shit, no matter how small that shit is, about what the people think, want, need, desire. We keep doing that at the same frequencey between elections, consistently ad infinitum , in the vague hope that maybe these shit heads really are representing us, and not just using us as canon fodder. No they have had 40 years of protest and the people had 40 years hope things would improve and that the greedy murdering cunts that have entrenched and dug themselves in as the aristocratic political class would actually stop making laws that separate us from them.

    No there really is no system anymore - the west is not a democracy, the english speaking countries are not a democracy - none of them are.

    No!!!!!! civil action is the opposition, whether it is demo or riot ! they brought it on themselves - WE ARE THE OPPOSITION !!! THERE IS NO POLITICAL PARTY IN OPPOSITION = it is party politics versus the people !
    the slave owners versus the slaves

    democracy is dead, get more up to date and actually just deal with it !!
    you cannot change things from the inside because the whole structure has gone rotten !
  5. Kaid

    Kaid Member

    As would be the next structure to come along. Lust for power never goes away.
  6. dont give me your boring platitudes that you read somewhere else and just altered a bit - all youre saying is you cant be arsed to do anything about it
  7. kitty fabulous

    kitty fabulous smoked tofu

    i amazed anyone seriously believes that change can happen by choosing the "lesser of two evils". if anything, it just feeds the dysfunction.
  8. wow cool - someone gets it !
  9. White Scorpion

    White Scorpion 4umotographer

    Nice one Kitty.
  10. shaggie

    shaggie Senior Member

    They're going to give him another $120 billion in September. The 9/11 anniversary will be a good time for the White House to ask and for the Congress to give.

  11. Kaid

    Kaid Member

    Well for one, I don't want the current system to fall. I don't hate my Country or Government. There is always room for improvement but the fact is no one really wants to live in some fucked up anarchist interpretation of "utopia", thats why you don't have enough support to do anything real.
  12. mortes

    mortes Senior Member

    HAHA You thought that dems give a shit about you! lols that's so funny. No billionaire cares about you or any other citizen, don't think for a minute that you're represented at all. Abolish capitalism!
  13. Abolish capitalism. Sounds great, but you destroy the system and you're left with a bunch of confused and free capitalists who no longer have to answer to a higher power. Do you really think you can avoid your own capitalist nature that easily mortes, just by breaking the mold that created you? And the capitalist nature for your neighbors?

    It will take much more than an overhaul of a political system. I'm talking elevating the spiritual and intellectual state of humanity to the point where we are capable of making responsible decisions with the best interests of earth in mind.

    We are all clearly too selfish right now, that is the problem, but do you really think that selfishness would just evaporate if the walls of capitalist democracy were to fall?
  14. White Scorpion

    White Scorpion 4umotographer

    Abolish the system and you're left with a bunch of confused...

    woaaaaaaaahhhh. Rein in them horses. The wagon is rolling out of control.

    How do you know this? You're just taking the view that has been spoon-fed to the American middle classes from the dawn of the twentieth century, when rich and aristocratic sphincters across the globe started pumping out rapid fumes.

    To be fair, you might be right, but you are just guessing, and without trying you'll never know what you're capable of. So why hand it over to them on a silver plate.

    A lamb might know that it's going to be made into succulent chops to feed someone, it might accept its fate, because it's incapable of doing anything else. A human being is different. And a group of human beings becomes a force to be reckoned with.

    Don't sell yourselves short. Have confidence in yourselves together. You're worth a lot more than "they" are.
  15. I want to allow anarchy to be allowed to exist in a small state, as a model to the rest of the world, protected from outside interference from capitalist interests that might seek to sabotage it. See how it goes, if it's successful, it will spread.

    My other issue is technology, and how anarchy will address the development of it.

    If anarchy can create a system where human suffering is minimal compared to capitalism while technological advances are not compromised, I'm all for it.

    However, if the pursuit of technology falters, along with it the hopes of leaving this planet (the real issue here), our species is doomed.
  16. well if thats what the people want let them have it - feel free to join whatever group you like but dont forget all that the term "capitalist" means and in its entirety is a person who invests capital to accrue interest. they make their money by having money they invest rather than labour and that is all the definition of a capitalist is. Capitalism is merely the social condition in which capitalists can thrive and that is all - theres nothing more to it - there is no conflict there with anarchism since anarchism is merely askingf people to organise society differently so that capitalism is a choice not an enforced condition
    absolute piffle ! The USA has a political structure which is in denial about its responsibility to the planet - trhe USA sees its responsibility as beimg to the dollar and its profits, not the solution to pollution and starvation and the end of large scale war!
    Europe does not have the same problem but thye frustration amongst Europeans is that its politicians are acceptin the USA's corruption and pig ignorance and not imposing sanctions !
    yes because anarchism seeks to also eliminate the structure under which one person can accrue wealth at the expense of his community !

    the commune is all
  17. gardener

    gardener Realistic Humanist

    Communes and anarchy rarely work. Perhaps someone could list some links to successful models.
  18. well yeah plenty and the one I lived in for ten years relied only on other communes for its food, even waste disposal was almost 90% recycle efficient Europe has many successfull communes that operate along broadly anarchistic principles - Holland Sweden Denmark Germany UK - I have heard of some in poland but have no contacts there - I would post links and tell you more but in such sensitive times I am hardly likely to reveal my contaxts - no need to give any chance of being infiltrated by the bacon

    talking of which I think I smell some burning in Rostock where the battle has already begun but theyre not showing that on the news are they
  19. gardener

    gardener Realistic Humanist

    Give us link. The only thing you have outlined in your profile is that you enjoy killing...sorry but you are not someone I would seek out as a friend.
  20. mbworkrelated

    mbworkrelated Banned

    Can you not respect his privacy - was it not you who would not share information with me - the other week.
    I seem to remember you thought I worked for the FBI.

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