Wayward Pines Returns For Season Two

Discussion in 'Front Page Stories' started by ZenKarma, Oct 26, 2016.

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    Rushed into production, filming began March 1st of this year, and the second season premiered on May 25th. Wayward Pines returned and vanished so swiftly we hardly noticed, so I thought to post my thoughts for posterity. This seems wise, as the planned third season may or may not materialize. It all depends on the whims of M. Night Shyamalan the producer, and Blake Crouch, the writer.Wayward Pines returned again in 2016 with 10 more episodes designed to creep you out entirely and lose sleep worrying about the end of the world as you know it. Delicious entertainment! Be sure to catch up with all the 20 episodes released so far, you can find them easily on streaming video if you look.

    Lovely bucolic Wayward Pines, is it happier than Twin Peaks, or is it more like Valley of the Dolls gone bad?

    You might notice some difference in the town itself in Season Two, if you look closely. For the first season, they built a town from scratch in "Agassiz, BC (about 1.5 hours East of Vancouver) which was where they shot the exterior town scenes. The set was disassembled shortly after and won’t be returning to Agassiz for season 2. Over the past several weeks, set builders have been hard at work bringing the small town facades back to life at the Canadian Motion Picture Park Backlot in Burnaby."
    ~ [/color][/color]http://www.whatsfilming.ca


    The cast for season two changed remarkably also, as so much time had passed since the filming of the first season in 2013, and was not aired for one reason or another until the summer of 2015. Most of the original actors had moved on to other projects and had contract commitments, so some serious last-minute script-witing led to this rerun.

    The most evil TV Nurse ever?

    However, the season answers many questions left behind from last year, and some characters were actually so odious it is a relief to have them gone, or only appearing in flashbacks. The most hated character of all, the Nurse Ratchett of the ensemble, meets her end deliciously in this season, so all is not lost. I found Wayward Pines highly entertaining in spite of the over-wrought genre of apocalyptic sci-fi that has gripped the scene for far too long now.


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    This show has now ended. It was very strange...
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    The books were better.
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