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    i think that the earth is soon going to run out of water. call me crazy but i think the human race these days is to selfish to save any for the future. it is known fact that it rains less and we are just wasting it. also by letting more people into your country the government isnt expanding dams for them they are just cutting back on how much a family can use! this is whats happening in Australia anywayz. do you agree? i think the earth will run out of water before the sun dies!!!!!!!!!!1
  2. Don't drive yourself crazy thinking about it. Not because it's a crazy idea, but because there are lots of scenarios like that that could go down... chances are, at least at our current paste, a couple nice little radioactive chunks of missing earth will kill most of us by massive fall out long before water runs out or the Sun burns out (which does actually seem to be the logical series of events). Who knows what's going to happen, but I bet we'll see something pretty crazy before we die, so please, sweetie, worry about being content right now, because the bombs have already been made... :eek:
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    I dont really think its possible for the earth to run out of water.

    Its had the same amount of water on it forever. The earth never gains nor loses water. It never gains nor loses weight period.
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  5. backtothelab

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    I feel ya. It has'nt rained here in days. I live in south florida, it's supposed to be a swamp, but we are actually 2 inches above desert conditions. (It's officially considered desert region when you have to dig 8 inches down to reach moisture, and here we have to dig 6 1/2 inches down). I swear, this whole species has gone to hell
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    The ocean's contain plenty of water..the problems are having CLEAN fresh water where you need it. Water can also be created by fusing atoms, but that technology is not practical to produce it at this time.
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    I Live In NSW, Australia, The Area That I Live In Has Been In Drought For 3 Years! Its Fucked! When There Is Rain Coming, You See It, Next Thing The Clouds Part And Head Away From Us! We Got 3 Sprinkles Last Week! Our Water Supply Is Fucked, And No Watering Allowed Outside Or You Get Fined! A Month Ago A Plague Of Locusts Came Through And Ate Pretty Much Everything That Was Still Alive Outside! Country Australia Is Going To Hell!!!
  8. Well in Mexico were already running out of water...We only have water 4rm the mornin till noon...and if u waste water u get a ticket to go to jail...
  9. we dont have a water shortage problem...we have a water distrubution problem.

    the water on the earth today is of the same amount as it was in the beggining.
    (minus maybe what the astronauts pissed out in their space missions.)
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    I agree that we're not gonna run out of water any time soon. In fact, most countries in the world have an abundance of water! (australia being a ginormous exception). The problem is that it's not accessible to most of the poorer population and the little that is accessible is so infested and diseased that it simply results in ill health. NGOs are always sending in people to make dams and wells which will supposedly aid the impoverished, but that doesn't do any good if they have to walk a hundred kilometres to get to it and it's only going to make them sick anyway!
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    Stars dont burn out like a light bulb bro... they explode. And first its going to engulf Earth and mars before exploding. Dont worry we wont live long enough to experience it (millions away) and more likely is nuclear fallout... I want fallout. I could survive fallout... Be a chance to start fresh... To start new.
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    the sun wont go supernova, its too small
    it will however get really fucking big, about to where earth is now (in 4.5 billion years)
    then it'll get really small, (anywhere from earth to moon sized)
    then it'll quitely fizzle out

    as for the water?
    distribution problem
    but we have been losing water into space,
    it's just moliclues at a time

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