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    So for about a month or two a little while ago, I started to remember my dreams every morning, but the main thing I would remember was water. Every night I would dream about water; crossing a little hand-made bridge, playing on the docks, lakes, rivers...water was always a main focal point of the dream. These have stopped now, but I can't shake this feeling that they were somehow important. This may be a very, very vague question, but I can't figure out the meaning behind them! Any ideas?

    Thanks a lot! :)
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    I found this, hope it helps!

    Having water in your dreams is a very common occurrence. Whether you are dreaming of an ocean, a pond, or even a glass of water, it seems everyone dreams of water at some point in their lives. And in your dreams, water alludes to the most basic parts of ourselves - emotion. Water most always represents our waking emotion. Think about the dreams of water you have had...was the water crashing ocean waves? Then chances are your waking emotions were pretty rocky and heavy as well. Was the water dark, murky, and stagnant? Then you may well have been depressed or worried before you went to sleep.
    The condition of, and placement of the water in your dream is the reflection of your waking mood. Cloudy swirling water may mean confusion, and clear crisp clean water may mean that you were very happy about something.

    The only cases where water will not reflect upon the dreamers mood is when the water is part of a larger dream symbol, such as a hurricane, or a whirlpool. Dreaming of a hurricane may indicate a level or chaos in your life, or even on the more obvious level - that you are frightened of situations you cannot control. Dreaming of a whirlpool means that you are afraid that you will be overcome by a person or situation in your life.

    Dreaming of fish in water however, is a different dream symbol. Dreaming of fish almost always represents money matters. So if you are dreaming of a tank or pond of bright healthy fish it may mean that you will be getting a large amount of money soon, or that financial matters are currently going very well for you. On the other hand, if the pond or tank water is dirty or mucky, and the fish are dead or dying, this means you are very afraid of your money situation.

    Water, much like the emotion it represents, can be an ever changing element, and while the dream may indicate those things which are at the top of your subconscious, you may not immediately realize what the dream represents. Keep an eye out for your emotions, and what that particular dream may have meant to you!


    Years ago when I was younger, I had a reoccuring dream of being covered
    by a tidal wave...

    At that time I was finding it hard to manage a "flood' of emotions which kept
    coming to the surface but didnt know how to handle them...

    Nowadays I rarely dream of water.....as I have learned to better manage my

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    Wow! That's pretty interesting.
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    Hi Sunburst, here is another suggestion ...

    Like water itself, the answers you seek for are fleeting yet ever present.

    So just let go the search for a meaning but go on honoring water.

    Play with it ... swim free in the womb of your dreams that are blessed by time. Feed it with your joy of life, and your love.

    Sing to the water ...
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    Hello :)

    Sunburst i have been having these dreams for the past three weeks now , just a question has one of your dreams ever been a big ocean coming towards you?

    As most of my water dreams have been about hurricanes etc and they are quite scary .. I always thought it might be because it might be I'm in need of something interesting or something moist.. it could have allot of meanings.

    I don't think you have anything to worry about wait till you dream about fire instead... I have already x
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    I had a dream years ago that i was
    sitting on the bank of a very deep river

    My mother sat behind me...but with a
    little distance between us...

    She was ignoring me so I jumped into the
    river and started to drown...i saw myself
    with just one finger poking out of the water

    and then I saw my mother turn her head away
    from me....

    Emotionally she wasnt able to be there for me..

    She died last August....

    I will never forget that dream



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