Watching My Wife Fuck Other Men

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by ronz56, Jul 2, 2010.

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    Was no long road for me, coz I was about 17 and had been together with my first gf in a year when I found her in a room at a home party fucking with another guy. And I liked it so much that I let my best friend fuck her 3 weeks later. When I broke up with her 3 years later I had lost count when guy number 17 had fucked her. She liked it and I liked it and it was not the reason for the break up.

    I have had 7 gf’s and 2 wife’s after that and all of them have fucked other men. Still married to my second wife and she have had a lover for the last three years and fuck with him both with and without me on regular basis. And I love it
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    I used to love watching my ex gfs fuck other guys. My wife now not into it.
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    My wife loves to watch me fuck other women so therefore I love watching her fuck other men. We also practice “compersion”.
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    Very exciting love life. I love to hear intimate details. PM me.

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