Was the "War" about oil?

Discussion in 'America Attacks!' started by Guru420, May 18, 2004.

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    Was the "War" about oil, when Iraqi annual Oil revenue is only 12 Billion a year.
    I'm sure the prez's people did their homework, and didn't think that 100+Billion dollars would be worth the investment on oil alone.

    I don't think they just want oil, no, thats just a perk. They want economic stability in America so that the Bush Administration can stay in office for one more term. Not to mention, the War on Terror was an excellent ploy to sublimmate (transfer) our fear from the 9/11 attack into some hateful revenge against people across the pond in a desert. Well, Bush done did it. He got us out of a recession at the price of 1000 of lifes and countless more devastated family and friends of the deceased. He did everything except fight terrorism, he only fueled terrorist animosity and now has become a giant ass---I mean hypocrit.

    The War on Terror was about Bush trying to be a hero, and ultamitely about him and his team trying to stay in power and help rich bastards everywhere
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    The only people out of recession to any credible degree are those at the top of the corporate food chain who are happily profiting from the hyper inflated deficit spending on arms and the renewed "oil crisis" which is handing billions more in fuel costs to the energy barons.

    For the average joe on the street uncertain whether he/she will still have a decent job and salary by year's end, the recession is very much alive and well.

    Add to that burgeoning inflation and regardless of what spin this lying admin puts on matters, the nation is still on the downward spiral with worse yet to come when deficit payback comes due.

    Better bet your bottom dollar that regardless of which admin gets in after this one, taxes will be forced to go up to cover the current irresponsible spending spree on bombs and new toys of destruction.
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    It's about oil (short-term) and world-domination (long-term).

    There is going to be no economic stablity in this country for a long time. This country is in it's worst deficit ever, and this war in Iraq is almost sure to bankrupt the country. And a lot sooner than we think.

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    Its about democracy. Not that we give a crap about them being able to vote. its just that modern democracies tend to be non violent against each other. With democracy comes capitalism. Their oil will flow to the western world and wont be threatened by dictators. Democracies tend to make life better for the citizens. Happier citizens = less violent citizens. Less violent citizens = less terrorists. Less Terrorists = Happy and safer America.
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    Many people speak of the america steeaing the oil. These people do not know what the truth is. America wants to buy much oil at very low dollars but are not alloed to take the oil. Terrorists are destroying the oil line so the people of iraq do not get the money they need for rebuilding. When iraq is rebuilt there wont be a place for terrorists so that is why they do such things. Many of the world seek to get the oil not only america. Why do so many people speak of lies.
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    Turn off CNN and throw out the New York Times and tune into Fox News for a different perspective.....you've been brain washed dude!


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