was she right?

Discussion in 'Psychic' started by MOZMAN, Jun 2, 2007.


    MOZMAN Member

    one night my mother,girlfriend and i was having a drink in a bar when a drunk scruffy women came up. she looked homeless but didnt ask for money. to cut a long story short she predicted life changing things in my girls and mums life. she told me i would be forced into a situation where i should just say no. an ocasion like this happened i said no and avoided a record and a bad crash! she also said would be finnancially sound but things are quite the opposite and a hell of a strain.
  2. zengizmo

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    Sounds like a visitation from an angel, Mozman. I've had a couple of those--strange and unexpected, they are. Give it a bit more time, I say--you might yet find the hag was right.

    MOZMAN Member

    my mum was in a 10 year relationship at the time and the woman said it would end at christmas and she would live in a big house etc . my mum laughed this off but never the less within a year all this had happened. i hope she's right about me? im on the bones of me arse hear!!
  4. zengizmo

    zengizmo Ignorant Slut HipForums Supporter

    Life can be so much quirkier and more amazing than most people ever realize. You're open to this, so the quirkiness infiltrated your life. ;) A FEW of the people walking the streets day and night looking like they don't know what the hell is going on are angels who know much much more than you and I. A few. A few have answered my thoughts out loud as I walked past them on the sidewalk. The Bible says that God uses the humble and forgotten people to show the "wise" of mainstream society their foolishness...when the "wise" are able to hear.

    Sounds to me like you and your mum have been touched by an angel. :)
  5. TravisBruner

    TravisBruner Member

    Thats cool...ive never experienced that.
  6. Salem Blair

    Salem Blair Member

    I think of them as Spirit Guides, they often manifest into our reality to teach us a lesson. Sometimes humans are here for the sole purpose of guiding, sometimes those people would also be refered to as spirit guides. Same concept as the Guardian angels I suppose, just different belief systems :).

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