Was on an exciting road trip with attractive womyn

Discussion in 'Dreams' started by dotadave, May 12, 2004.

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    I think in the dream I was a child, or an adult and there was a child with us, its hard to say since I don't remember to well but we were on a road trip in my car, a '89 tempo. Along the way we had to stop at a holywood video, The woman I was with worked there and had to talk to her boss. We leave but before we're able to go, we can't find the car. It turned out that we had gotten into a car, but realized it was the wrong one. The rest of the dream is spent looking for the car. It was really important that we get this one, instead of stealing another because my computer was in the trunk. After wandering around the huge parking lot for a while I sit down, give up, and awaken.

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