Was it really acid?

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  1. So this has been really eating at me and I kinda want to try and figure out what I actually took. I got two tabs of "acid" a few weeks ago and this being the first time trying it so I really didn't know what to expect beyond what I had researched online and what not. My brother told me it was going to taste really bitter and metallic and electric like and also make my mouth a bit numb and that's how you could tell it was good stuff, which goes against most stuff I have read since then. Anyways I took both around 3pm and immediately jumped into the shower so I could go into tripping feeling refreshed and nice. Well after about 7 minutes I started feeling a little different and thought that's sorta strange from what I've seen it takes anywhere from 30 minutes up to even 2 hours to start kicking in but I just relaxed about it and welcomed what was coming even tho I felt a bit nervous about how strong this was really going to be if it was already coming on. I still had the tab under my tongue and it had made most of my mouth extremely numb and there was a veryyyy bitter taste to it almost like mdma crystals bitter. I ended up having to cut my shower short because I could feel it really coming on fast and I wanted to lay in the grass in my back yard so I could be in a calm atmosphere as I began to take the ride of my life this was all about 15 or so minutes after I had put it in my mouth. I swallowed the tabs and tried to hold on as I was being hit like a freight train with an intense tingly nice body high and very intense visuals my brother was trying to get me to get to a better less overwhelming mindset and I told him I was getting really nauseous and overwhelmed cuz it's just SOOO intense I ended up getting violently sick right in my back yard soon after that I could hardly lift myself up or even gasp for breath in between these waves of intense nausea I was having I kept trying to be positive and think this is only the transition once I make it thru this I will be on cloud nine... sure enough I started evening out after my crazy puking episode I was still overwhelmed but it was starting to calm down and get use to what was happening slowly I came to a point where I became fine and could walk around again I was still tripping like crazy but it was enjoyable and manageable for the most part some things still were like too much sometimes like I had asked for water and my brother came in with a small glass mason jar filled with water and the lid on top and shook it so it made a weird noise as he came in and it made me like dive to the ground and cringe at it cuz it was just too much at the time. for the rest of the trip my brother took me to a bunch of pretty forest areas and I really really enjoyed it. I didn't notice a massive body load or necessarily a speediness like people often say goes with the research chemical people often sell as lsd. It was a very nice tingly comfortable cozy body high. I did feel a bit tense inside like my stomach was in knots like something just wasn't right that was a bit uncomfortable but it wasn't terrible. the trip lasted until 6/6:30pm or so.. for the few hours afterward it slowly just faded away the visuals became less and less until it was totally gone by 8 or so at night. My peak was at the very beginning when it hit me from there on it just slowly kept going down. so yah I'm just kinda wondering if I actually had lsd or if it was in fact the cheaper research chemical like 25i or whatever..
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    25i or another 25(x)- Nbome Chem.

    LSD has little to no taste.
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    didn't have to read past that . . . it's a chemical called NBOME. Let your brother know.

  4. thanks for your input that's a shame it wasn't acid it's been like something I've wanted to do for quite a while and it seems to always evade me in some way every time I've tried to get it I guess it will come to me when the time is right I mean I'm defiantly not disappointed from the trip I got but I've heard of creepy overdose possibilities and what not it stinks too cuz acid is very rare from where I'm from I'm gonna do some reasearch on what you guys think it is I don't know if I should just steer clear or just go with it
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    if it was acid, you'd of known after taking it!
    hopefully what you had was some good too though

    gluck on the find, when you do you'll have an experience that noone can explain! :)
    and there'll be no doubts, that it was acid!

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